Weight Gain i'm fat

1 year ago (First join this program) -Weight 168
About 3 months+ ago Weight:164
Weight myself yesterday:170 ( I got told this scale is usually wrong)

I keep getting told “I’m skinny and that I need to gain weight and that i don’t look my weight” but I feel FAT even though the scale maybe be wrong to me its not i’m just going back what I did before not eating idk how I gain weight in the first place where I barely eat so i’m just totally stop and make it so i eat less then before
If I don’t eat I will not gain weight I want to weight 150 or 140 then i’ll be happy even the BMI say i’m overweight

Buy a new scale for yourself that works. Also, where more clothes that complement your body. That way when you look in the mirror you see improvements. It could be focusing on the clothes you wear or the colors. How you wear your hair or simply applying lotion to the appropriate areas where you are “Ashy” (Dry Skin). (Believe it or not just flossing once a day & brushing your teeth after every meal will improve your smile.) Simple things can improve the way you look at yourself. A change of perspective & frame of mind can change your life.

You are worth it. BE strong. May only good things come your way.

This is a tricky one, because the facts are so muddled that I only have your feelings to go on, and feelings often lie to hide things you don’t want to think about. If you’re worried, go talk to your doctor. You might have some illness that is making you gain weight, you might have some mental problems that make you feel you’re fat. Trust the word of your doctor over your own feelings, and don’t just listen to opinion pieces of either fat acceptance or magazines telling you to be skinny. Talk to someone who can present actual facts about your weight, and has the power to examine you and get you some help, or put your mind at ease.

Martin / ThatOldDutchGuy