Weird ik but like i need help

I think i like one of my online friends but like in a weird way,so i’ve been questioning if i’m aro for awhile now i just feel like i’m too young too know and that i’ve never had a crush because i dont leave the house enough to have a crush idk its hard to explain but thats not the point,this is so hard to explain but i’ll try my best so like i think i like them but we’re only online friends and everytime i think of meeting her irl and think of doing any “romantic” things irl with her i feel weird like i feel like i only would like her and wanna be her girlfriend if we never met lirl ike ig i feel like i only want somone to call my girlfriend and too call those silly little pet names and like kiss on the cheek nothing else everything else grosses me out and like i only feel like i like her somtimes when we’re otp i rlly don’t and when i started writing this i sorta did but now i don’t its weird does anyone else feel the same way?


In these type of situations I always go with my instincts and gut feeling. I feel like it tends to lead me in the right direction. Online relationships/Long Distance Relationships can be very hard, but it does work out for some people!

How would you feel about opening up and telling them?

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hi! i’m aro and in a relationship, so i can relate to you.

i think it’s important to know that there’s quite a few different types of love and attraction that can vary from just platonic and romantic.

for me, personally, i have an alterous attraction to my boyfriend, which is, in short terms, the desire to be very emotionally close to someone. for me it also lies somewhere between romantic and platonic feelings, and while it’s not quite either, it definitely varies from what i feel about my other very close friends.
i highly recommend you look into some different types of attractions or even just in the aromantic spectrum, since it’s quite broad as well.

i identify with something called cupioromantic, which is on the aro spectrum and describes the desire to be in a relationship despite being aromantic. not to mention, that aro doesn’t exclusively mean you don’t experience romantic attraction. it all boils down to the person individually.

i can also relate to the online part — my boyfriend and i live in two different countries.

i always knew that my boyfriend liked me, even way before we got into a relationship, so that made my situation a bit easier. we actually started out as a queer platonic relationship, but decided to “switch” to actual dating.

and, even if i wasn’t able to really offer you advice, i hope i could at least make you feel a bit understood :]
figuring yourself out can be quite difficult, but there’s no rush.

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