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Weird sensations


I don’t know exactly what i am looking with this post maybe trying to give shape to my thoughts, idk… I constantly have this feeling, sensation or thought of something missing, like i neither feel happy or sad or anything. I am just being there doing whatever i am doing and don’t feel like enough, like life is just passing me by…


I used to feel like that. It took me a while to figure out how to fix that feeling. I felt like my life was on auto-pilot. I didn’t take an active role in my life. It was a strange feeling. But, I figured out I needed to take hold of my life in a career path that was satisfying. And I’ve been working towards that goal. Maybe you need a reorientation in some way like that.


I’m in that situation you describe, going to start a pre-university course in July and by September i’ll be starting a new career. Kinda nervous because i am i’m my mids 29 and feeling like the future is so uncertain, like i don’t have any security about what’s going to happen from now to the next 6 months… imagine 5 years of career, and what will i do then if i fail for reasons beyond my control. I hear myself while writing this and think to myself that i am bitching out to much, but still think that are reasonable doubts…


I’ve got a good feel to what you’re talking about. Existing to exist in the space you live, however I differ at the angle of the pendulum lies (Happy/Sad) so it is somewhat relative to me.


I just finished my course for my new career. I still need to take my national certification. It makes me nervous to think that $80, two hours and that pass or fail determines the whole rest of my life. I just turned 25. And this is literally terrifying for me. I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t pass. So trust me. I am in that exact situation. Just know you got this. Don’t be afraid to reach out. I had 3 mental break downs during my class. It wasn’t easy. But, it is for the better.