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Welcome to the Support Wall!

Whatever burden you’re carrying today, you’re not alone.

You can post about the struggles you face with total anonymity and without fear of being judged.

We will reply when you post.

People get the best results from our forum when they reply back. Think of your initial post as the start of a conversation.

You can also talk with others from our community in real time on our live stream at Our schedule is posted in the description below the live stream.

We want to help you overcome. This forum is just one of many resources HeartSupport has to offer.
—> You can find help overcoming self harm at
—> You can find help overcoming depression at
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You can read the rest of the guidelines and disclaimers below. Thank you so much for your trust and your courage. Hold fast. We believe in you.


All of the rules can be summed up in one ask: help uphold our culture of unconditional acceptance and love.
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Please note that old support wall posts will be available until July 31, 2018. If you’d like to link to them please go here. You will not be able to edit them however as they’re permanently closed