Welcomed and pushed down

(Welcomed)Today was amazing I was reunited with my boys and it couldn’t of gone better…went to the park had lunch played ball.everything a father would want.I’m back involved and never want to leave again…(pushed down)in concern to my month old daughter states away in my ex’s mothers care…if my ex never took my phone I was able to take custody of ember from her because of the domestics and priors in her life.knowing I could of had her and no the fight begins.I’m weary of what she could say or what did could determine.I’m jobless living back at my parents.I have a opportunity for a job and I’m starting to feel the pressure for more control,financial statability ,and able to take of my self.with all this I know its possible but what can she say?what can she do?how will I prevail?


It’s great that you’re being a positive influence for your sons!
I’ve read your other post giving more background on the topic, it seems like you’ve been through hell.
You can easily get custody of your child; you need to show that she has a history of abuse. She can claim all that she wants, but without evidence she can’t prove anything. You’ve said she falsely accused you of rape, so any claims she makes will be taken with a grain of salt.
To prevail you just need to show that you love your children and that you can provide for them. Take the job opportunity available to you, it will show that you have the capacity to financially support your children.

(Please note, I am not a lawyer and my advice shouldn’t be taken as such. If you want actual professional legal advice, talk to a real lawyer!)

Thank u so much.its hard to put stuff behind but everyday I’m away from that toxic woman I’m better.thanks for ur support.it means a lot and helped me move further