Well i doubt u can help me with this but why not t

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Well I doubt u can help me with this, but why not try, the only person I have left, that I would trust to open up to is my mom, but she got extreamly mentally damaged after my sister died in an accident ( she was 2 years old than me and im 24 now ((it happend in 2022), so she was 24 when it happened)

I want to open up to her, I want to show her the stuff I connect to, but I am worried that I will hurt her with it.
So as I said, probably not something you can answer on the internet, but just as a simple question… better not try or try and see what happens? I just really dont want her to get more pain.

I’m so glad you reached out even though you’re feeling doubt, just the effort to try and reach out really shows how strong you are! I can also see how much you care for your mom, it’s hard to approach someone who’s hurting when you’re scared it’ll become worse. I tell myself that grief is love with nowhere to go, that’s why it hurts more when you love them more. I think that relating to her pain will help her see that she’s not alone in her grief, that you see her and know exactly how it feels. I can’t imagine losing my brother, that would wreck me, but I could imagine my mother spiraling from it and definitely needing support as much as I would. Showing her strength and gentle kindness through such difficult feelings does help with reaching through, like knocking on her door and asking to let you in. Sometimes you have to keep knocking and knocking and knocking. You might not have the door opened to you right away, but just hearing you knock at the door for her is a great reminder to her she’s not alone! You’re stronger than you know and have the power to help her too! Love to you both :two_hearts:

Hey my friend. Far be it for me to know what the right answer is for someone else. But if i were given a choice to go back and try to reconnect, or wipe the slate clean and never have tried, I’d always try - heartsupport — Mozilla Firefox - Well i doubt u can help me with this but why not t - Social Media / Support - YouTube - heartsupport — Mozilla Firefox - 8 July 2024 | Loom