Well i fell like i dont belong here i get bullied

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Well I fell like I don’t belong here I get bullied a lot and I fell like a disappointment a lot


I am so sorry people have belitted and abused you. Bullying is such a nasty thing! To feel like a disappointment to me has felt like trekking up a mountain… the expectation at the very top and me at the very bottom falling down over and over with no hope of reaching the expectation. I have felt disappointment in myself, my life, my loved ones, my circumstances, and all those things have set up walls between me and that peak of the “ideal life”.
What i learned is that while all those things I was striving for have value, where I am exactly as I am right now has value too. Even in the broken, messy, state, at the bottom of the mountain, you are loved and accepted deeply and completely. You will not be any more loved if you find success or acceptance from those around you. You are so loved exactly as you are today… in the midst of disappointment. You cannot earn any more love than you have right now by getting higher on the mountain because they love for you is unconditional. You cannot earn it, so you also can’t do anything to take it away. You are a beautiful human being! Enjoy the bottom of the mountain! There are flowers to see and things to explore there! You will make itnto the top as you accept where you are now and keep making baby steps forward, giving love and grace to yourself in every step along the way! You are okay and will be okay! You will make it! You are safe! No matter how messy or broken it feels now, there is beauty in the mess! Thank you for reaching out heartsupport and we would love to hear how your journey continues!

Hey my friend. This definitely brought me to tears. You are absolutely not a disappointment in any way, shape, or form - Well i fell like i dont belong here i get bullied - Social Media / Support - YouTube - heartsupport — Mozilla Firefox - 9 July 2024 | Loom