Well i need help and advice

Well im struggling with money for food this week i dont get paid until Friday morning. I was wanting to know if anyone had any suggestions to stretch 13$ for myself and its Saturday Morning. Sometimes im able to get free bread at work too. I need something that would last and fill and possibly even take some to work. Everything has gone up because of inflation. Twice the amount it originally was.

I cant get food stamps or any of that kind of help through the state because i make too much i already looked into all that it wont work out.

Just need advice. Thanks for your time


If I had to stretch $13 for almost a week I would probably either make soup (liquid fills the stomach fast and you can make a lot for a little) or buy stuff for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Rice is also cheap and filling.

For soup get a big bag of potatoes since they are starchy and filling. Same with beans. Canned white meat chicken would be way more doable than fresh chicken.

Might look into food pantries in your area and when they distribute. I would also suggest putting together a budget plan so this doesnt happen. I can help if needed.

Good luck.


Thank you i appreciate this


Do you have spices and seasonings?
Potatoes can be made a whole bunch of ways - fried, curried, potato salad, cooked with any other thing you can hopefully source from a food bank nearby.

Dried beans (especially chickpeas) are super versatile, fried for a filling snack, curried, made into fake tuna (vegans do this all the time lol), boiled and mashed and made into a burger and fried or baked, made into spreads.

Have you also tried asking religious organization near you about any sort of food assistance? sometimes they offer assistance as well. Let us know how it goes!


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