Well, the inevitable finally happened

Wow, how today has progressed. Woke up in a good mood after the ultrasound yesterday and work as going well until about an hour ago.

There was a company-wide email sent out stating that, without exception, any employee who isn’t fully vaccinated by Dec 8th will be fired.

Now let’s rewind a little bit. I have nothing against those who are vaccinated, or unvaccinated. After we got pregnant, it was always my intention to get vaccinated after I had the baby so that I wasn’t risking her health due to side effects of the vaccine (the words 'spontaneous miscarriage ’ are particularly notable as information I have read). And for a while it seemed like that would be possible because, until this morning, if we chose not to be vaccinated our insurance would be raised and that’s an exchange I’m willing to make until I have the baby.

Here’s the kicker. In order for me to be fully vaccinated by Dec 8th, I need to have my first dose tomorrow. No later. Which means I have no time to think this over. And since I’m a bread winner so to speak, if I lose my job we lose our house and everything else we’ve worked so hard for. With NO time to make a decision because my cards have been dealt and I no longer have a choice in the matter.

I took the rest of the day off today and I’m working a half day tomorrow so I can find someplace to get vaccinated.

Words can’t even describe how mad I am right now.

I took my panic attack meds about 30 mins ago so hopefully that will help take the edge off at least. But yea. Not happy right now.


I’m not sure where you’re getting your information about the vaccine and pregnancy, but this might put your mind at ease.

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This is the specific article I read; I understand odds are low but it doesn’t make me want to risk it any more. There is no guarantee that I will be one of the lucky ones because as long as a chance exists, I can’t ignore that.


I agree with you 100% and respect you for that.


I think a lot of the problem with the heavy-handed approach to the COVID vaccine is it seems to dismiss fears and concerns as irrational. It sounds to me like you had a logical plan set up for how you were going to balance what you see as small but concerning risk with the benefits. And sadly, forces you cannot fight have taken that control from you. For me as a person who deals with anxiety and intrusive thoughts all the time (and possibly for you), lack of control is a real trigger.

I feel for you, and I will be sending you all the positive energy I can to help you get through this difficult time.


Thank you.

I have suffered from anxiety for a long time and am currently taking Zoloft for maintenance and I was also given medicine to take for my panic attacks.

I think for me, a lot of it is about feeling trapped, like I have no choice in the matter. If I was given more than a day I could have made an appointment and spoken to my doctor and probably received the vaccine from my doctor. Instead I was told I must get the vaccine (1st dose) today or I will be fired because they gave a no advanced notice and it puts excessive extra pressure on me because I pay most of the bills and so I have no choice but to do this to keep my job, even in the face of this knowledge that it may harm my baby after having already gone through a failed pregnancy. I feel like I’m betraying her but I have no choice. I’m trapped.

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Hi Sapphire.
I know things are hard right now and you fear for your baby because of the vaccination but there is one positive to it all. Covid can be deadly to unborn babies and if you will be vaccinated you will lower the risk of getting covid. I know you are still putting your baby at risk but by doing so you are lowering the risk of covid hurting your baby. I hope nothing bad happends to your baby and it will be healthy and strong. I wish you luck. :wink:



Not to jinx myself or anything but it’s been almost 3 years since I last got sick. I am not a germophobe by any means, but whenever I’m in public, I wash my hands before touching my face or eating with my hands. I keep my distance from people who cough or sneeze.

I would have rather waited a a few more months and then got vaccinated (if at all) but it doesn’t matter now. I can’t afford to lose everything I have. I don’t appreciate that my work put me in this position. I don’t appreciate that the government put me in this position.

I’m not an anti-vaxxer but I’ve always been weary of the Covid ‘vaccine’ because it’s not an actual vaccine and it hasn’t been around long enough to test properly. But whatever. It doesn’t matter anymore.

Thanks for the sentiments.



I’m sorry that you are put in this situation. I also respect people’s views and fears about the vaccine. It’s normal to ask ourselves questions and want to make well informed decisions. It’s really tough when something cannot be decided with calm and peace, but has to be done in a hurry like this. I can surely understand your anxiety. It’s like having to process all your thoughts and doubts very quickly, which is not fair. I am vaccinated, but I would have surely wanted to make the same decisions if I was pregnant, and overall just having more time to decide.

I just wanted to say that you are not betraying your child. There are different things in the balance right now, and you are just doing what you can with the means that you have. It’s a complex situation. The stress will certainly remains though, so if you can see your doctor just to talk about all of it and also have their opinion directly, it could be good, even if the vaccine is already done. Of course it’s your decision to make. I just want to encourage you to reach out anyway, so you can still have conversations about it with your doctor if it didn’t happen yet. They might have words and insights that could also reassure you without it sounding somehow artificial. If you trust them enough, that is.

Thinking of you today. I hope you can relax a little bit and that the people who will give you the first shot will be very listening.


I will probably be on edge until mid December after I’ve had my 2nd dose and I can still feel the baby kicking.

I’m not sure there’s much of a point in talking to the doctors about it now since I got my 1st shot already.

As for the people who gave my husband and me our shots, they said there have been a lot of people coming and getting the vaccine against their will lately.


Mandates from employers (especially large companies, and city or Federal governments) have put a LOT of people in the same position you are in. Sadly, those of us who suffer form anxiety and other mental health issues have to handle it on additional fronts compared to others. I’m proud of you for getting your first shot. I know it was difficult, but as you’d already made the decision that losing your job was NOT an option, going ahead with what was the only other choice took a good deal of strength.



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Well, after all of the drama of the vaccine mandates and work and the pregnancy and all that, vaccines are no longer mandated at my job. I have mixed feelings about this.

The bottom line is I did get vaccinated so I wouldn’t get fired after I was backed into a corner and forced to choose between keeping my life together and risking any affects it might have on my baby or myself, I missed a full day because my anxiety spiked so badly. My manager contacted HR on my behalf and they took ages to get back to her, but ultimately nothing came of it.

And now. After they gave people less than 24 hrs to decide to have an income or not be forced to inject this shit into their bodies, it’s no longer required. I’m pissed.

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I hate flip flops on monumental decisions like that. If they’re going to declare something that bold, stick with it. It’s not just internal memos, they’re playing with people’s lives with ultimatums like that.


No kidding. Fortunately nothing happened to the baby (as far as I know) because she’s still pretty active. The chance was still there though. My husband was also forced to get vaccinated and had a 105 fever for 3 days. That could’ve ended badly.

I’m glad this Federal mandate is being fought but I feel like it never should’ve been taken to this extreme in the first place. Everyone has different circumstances and reasons to want to be or not be vaccinated and making people choose between those decisions and starving to death and losing everything in their life isn’t fair. This sort of thing shouldn’t be a blanket requirement because life isn’t that simple. I could’ve potentially lost my baby and my husband over this at which point I’m sorry but kiss my ass goodbye because that is all that matters to me.

But no, by all means just assume that nothing bad will ever happen because magic vaccine. -_-

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I know this was a while ago. But I also struggle with so often seemingly getting the raw deal, the short end of the stick. So often my timing seems to be one step off…it’s frustrating and makes me feel less valued than other people.

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