Well, this sure is a change for me

So, on Saturday I thought I would decide to try the local church. It waned heavily on me because of my depression and anxiety. I thought about it all day, I even looked up where it was and what they offer.
So Saturday night rolls around, my anxiety is really high, like pacing the floor as well. I set my alarm for 9am because it starts at 10:30 am. I went to bed and woke up 4 hours before my alarm was suppose to go off. My anxiety was bad and woke me out of my sleep. I was very concerned about this. So I got up and did what I could to help ease the anxiety down. Then time came to goto church. I was really scared. I took 4 times the amout of my anxiety medication to calm me down and get out the door. I got there and walked in and sat down at the back. A greeter came up to me and welcomed me and offered me a welcome card to fill out. So I filled it out and handed it back, she said I could keep the pen, honestly, I did not steal it. She then came back to me with a Welcome Bag. I was like, really? Huh? Why? Felt odd but I took it and thanked her. I sat through the whole service. Everything was ok, even tho I don’t know anybody there. Seems like nice people. Service was over and I quickly left (anxiety reasons). As I was walking home I looked in the bag and there were pamphlets describing the church and its leaders, also the groups they have as well. I looked further in the bag and found a coffee card. I was like, wow how nice. So I went and got a coffee. Well today I got an email from them thanking me for coming and I would be getting a text from someone to see if i would like to meet up over coffee and answer any questions I have. Well, of course I am going to do that. I knew by reading the pamphlet that they have a mens group and a recovery group. I thought, oh ya, right up my alley, sure can’t hurt to try. So this was the one good thing that happened to me today,oh and also, I ate my first meal in 4 days. I felt I had hope or maybe light at the end of the tunnel. This turned my tide. I just wanted to share this positive happy moment with you.


Thank you very much for sharing this! It’s very encouraging and I wish you the best in meeting up with the small groups

That is awesome congrats! May this church continue to welcome and accept you and provide you with what you need.

Thanks, they have a men’s group and a recovery group as well, which may be beneficial.

Wow! That’s so cool! I am so glad that it worked out for you! What a feel good thing! Wonderful! I hope that you are able to connect more and more to this church and find new friends. Thank you for sharing! I wish you all of the best!