We're worth it

This is often a challenging time of the year for some of us. Memories of things past much like Scrooge’s Ghost of Christmas Past, sometimes the changing/worsening weather kicks off a series of memories, sadness, and some negative feelings.

Our brains are wonderous things, capable of great things, but also capable of going wonky, getting stuck in bad phases and forgetting how to make the the yummy cocktail of happy brain juices.

Whatever you’re going through, whatever you’ve been through, nothing lessens your value or worth.
Made a mistake? Learn from it, don’t repeat it, make amends if it’s possible and appropriate.
Suffered unfairly? Remember no-one asks to be hurt, no one has the right to hurt us.
Been hurt or betrayed? That reflects the choices someone else made to be unkind. It doesn’t reflect your value or worth, not “what you deserve”.

You are not what has happened to you.
You are not your past, nor defined by your struggles or diagnoses.

The world is better with you in it. Your spark is needed to power up this giant cosmic ball of energy.
You are not a mistake. You are not broken. You are not alone.

You are loved. You matter. You belong here.
You deserve to feel loved, to feel safe, and to feel seen and heard.
We’re here for all those things.

Love you folks, thanks for existing.

Edit to Add:
And while we can’t change what has happened to us, we can reinterpret it, we can re-frame it, we can extract lessons from it. We can be kinder to ourselves.


Thanks for the reminders. :hrtlegolove: I needed to hear this today.

You are loved!!!


thank you for sharing, thank you for reminding. you are amazing.

you all out there, all who reading this.
You all matter ! you all are loved and you all are beautiful the way you are. thanks to you, the world is the
place, so diverse, worth living for. stay safe everyone.
Merry christmas ! enjoy this special time of the year.
Fell hugged :purple_heart:

Thank you for this! Love you, friendo! :heart:

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