What a day - bf in the emergency dental hospital

So I’m back already. It seems like bad things come in waves, yeah?

It’s finally Friday and I’m finally sitting on the couch relaxing with my bf, when he suddenly starts looking like he’s in pain and making sounds like he’s in pain, so badly that he couldn’t get his words out. When he finally told me what was wrong he told me his tooth really started hurting him and he needed to go to an emergency dental place.

I looked up the closest one and was panicking getting ready and I was taking too long and he started getting upset with me and raised his voice, and instead of just trying to help, I snapped back at him and just finished rushing to get in the car.

I feel so awful for the way I reacted, and now he’s in the ER and it’s probably going to be a while before I can go in there and be there with him, and apologize for the way I responded. I can’t blame him for being upset with me in the first place, because if I was in pain like he was describing I’m sure I would be a bit of an arse too.

I know he will forgive me, but for now I’m stuck feeling guilty for the way that I acted towards him, and I would not have acted that way if I wasn’t in panic mode and I want to be able to react appropriately even when I AM in panic mode.

Sorry I’m rambling I just feel really guilty and disappointed with myself for having reacted the way that I did, and I’m just sitting here in the parking lot in my car waiting for the hospital to call me so I’m kinda stuck feeling like this for a bit… Maybe that’s my karma idk. I just hope he is okay and I hope they get him the right help and get him properly fixed up and can make his pain go away.

I’m gonna go cry for a bit now, because I need to get all of this emotion out of me


You did not do anything wrong, actually you help him get to the ER. We don’t act our best when we are in stressful situation. He should understand that you did not mean snap at him. Honestly, it just little mistakes, it happen with every relationship. Don’t beat yourself, you did the best your could have and you got your bf to ER that most important.

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I wouldn’t worry about it I think he knows that you acted like that because you care about him.

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From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello, bluejay! I know how much those emotions can get to you in the moment. Did things end up okay with your boyfriend? Hope all is well :hrtlegolove:



Hi bluejay_18 I wanted to check in and see how your boyfriend is doing. I hope he was taken care of, I know how excruciating tooth pain can be so I hope he is ok. I hope you are ok too, it seems like you had a moment of panic and snapped at each other. I hope you talked about that and forgave each other. ~Mystrose


From: twixremix

hi bluejay!
thank you for your vulnerability in sharing such a scary, chaotic, and painful day with everyone here on the forum. i definitely agree that the worst part of bad events is that they usually come in waves. i’m so sorry your boyfriend had to go through this pain. i definitely think it’s understandable with tensions so high that you snapped at one another but in the end, you got him to the ER and took care of him!

it’s been a few days since you posted so wanted to check in on how things turned out with his pain and how your heart is doing after this hectic ER trip. i’m so glad you could come to the forum and let out some emotions, it’s truly cathartic and an excellent resource to post your feelings to the world. thank you for being here and being a wonderful partner to your boyfriend. sending you both all my love and healing wishes.



From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi, thanks for your post, I am hoping by now all is sorted with your partner and his teeth? when people are in pain they get snappy and when people get snappy with you, you snap back, its not personal its just one of those situations when emotions take over. I am pretty certain that your partner didnt take offence at all to what you said and once he felt better all was well. Try not to feel bad about reacting to situations as a normal human being, its ok. Much love lisa. x


Hey y’all, sorry it took so long for me to get back. I’m on-off the socials a lot so I don’t overwhelm myself.

Everything with the ER was okay, and my boyfriend was totally understanding and even apologized to me too. I was stupid worried in the moment because we snapped at each other and then I couldn’t go into the building with him until like 30 minutes later which was stressful to feel like I need to apologize for something but can’t.

Once he got some pain meds and we had a chance to talk, everything was okay. He’s scheduled to get his wisdom teeth out soon, and hopefully that will resolve the issue. He’s taken care of now and working on the solution so I feel a lot better about the situation.

We love each other a lot, and I am confident of that, because even if things get bad we always take a second to collect our thoughts individually and we’re usually able to talk things through.

Anyway, things are still good and hopefully the surgery comes and goes quickly for his sake.
Thanks all for your support :two_hearts::two_hearts:


It’s such a relief to hear positive news, @bluejay_18 (because what a day you had!). Good to see that some peace has been back into your life and your boyfriend’s as well - even though healing has yet to happen for him.

So very grateful that your boyfriend and you have such a strong relationship and can support each other during stressful events like this one. Fingers crossed for the surgery to come quickly. :crossed_fingers:

PS - please don’t see any pressure to respond here. I completely get the need to be off social medias. Just know you are loved, cared for, and I’m so very grateful for your willingness to open up here when you feel the need to.

Take good care of yourself. You are loved. :hrtlegolove:

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