What am i doing ;;

im not sure what to label this as so uh ;;

i realized that whenever someone i meet or know has the same interests as me, i think im copying them for sone reason. like for example, my friend told me she got into the song heather. and i happen to like that song too before she told me, so when she did i just “:smiley::grey_question::grey_question:did i just- did i like this song before or did she? im totally copying her right now, no way in hell did i like this song before” and yeah. i just end up changing my interests whenever that happens but i don’t really like any of the things i do right now. but im trying my hardest to convince myself i like them 🧍🏾‍♀

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That’s happened to me before.

Alright friend I am going to say this is a hard battle. First you do know you can have the same interests as others without it being copying. I sometimes struggle to say that what I am or feel is truth. So here is what I have started to do I tell and remind myself hey even if this person likes this we can like the same things and its not copying. You are your own person.

Just know that if you said you liked dogs like me I personally would go ooo another dog lover. You still are a person too yourself but it doesnt mean that you cant enjoy the same things.

Hold fast


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