What can I do now?

I sort of hinted to my mom about my mental health… the look on her face… I don’t know if I can ever tell her how I feel… I don’t want to hurt her. Now I’m not sure if I can avoid what I said, but I want to.
P.s I’m sorry I don’t always reply to the responses I get. I really appreciate you and your support :black_heart:

Hey lovely! I can definitely say I’ve been there, quite recently Actually. Just last week i finally felt the need to open up about this to my family and it brought a lot of relief to me. if you feel your mom would be understanding about it but, you fear hurting her. I’m sure she wants to help you and be here for you. I know opening up to your family can be scary, you don’t want to put that weight on them or like you said see them hurt. Know that they want to help and be there for you. They’re the ones who are immediately around you and can help you the most. If this isn’t the case though try and reach out to someone you know you can trust to talk about this with. You should feel safe when talking about this and not fearful because your emotions are vaild. You are never ever alone in your struggles and are so loved!

Hey Friend,

I know how hard it is to open up about mental health struggles with loved ones. Know that we support you in being open about you mental health even though it is hard to do. Reaching out and being open about struggles is important even though we may be afraid it will hurt the ones we love to share the things that are hurting us. I have a feeling your mom will love you no matter what and will be glad you felt safe enough to be so open with her. We are here for you and we love you very much!

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes