What do I do here

So my dad is moving to pennsylvania soon because his old job called and said they wanted him back and he wants me to go with him because I could get a job in the same vein up there as well, making like $14 an hour starting. But then my girlfriend wants me to stay and get an apartment with her, and if I leave she’s gonna break up with me because she wouldn’t be able to handle a year apart, which is understandable honestly. I just… do I listen to my heart or my head here? I’ve been weighing both options for weeks and I’ve never been so torn in my entire life. If I go I lose her. If I stay, my dad says I’m making a mistake.

What will make you happy?
That’s what should decide you. This is your life, not anyone else’s. I understand about disappointing your father, but he is not you and you may feel as if whatever he says is the right thing because that’s how it always was growing up. But you are grown up now and past that. Don’t let anyone else’s opinion cloud your mind. As long as you know who you are in your mind, you can do anything to your hearts desire. Sometimes we have to quarrel with our lovers and our parents. Find a quiet place to think and look in into your heart and mind

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Thank you so much <3

Hey @yallmindifiuwu,

My girlfriend and I are currently doing a long distance relationship. She’s getting her doctorate in Michigan and I’m working in Nashville, TN (about 8 hours away, by car). How far would you and your girlfriend be apart if you tried long distance? Would driving to each other’s place for a mini-vacation here-and-there be possible? If you’ll only be apart for a year, I would say to fight for your relationship if you think she’s worth it (and vise-versa). Anyway, just my two-cents - I hope this helped a little! :slight_smile: