What do you do to keep your relationship with Jesus "fresh"?

Hi! So, all of us has been already through some hard times and I am pretty sure that some of us tried to heal and maybe overcome some struggles with the help of our God. This definitely happened to me! And at the beginning I tried so hard and prayed so much I even got to the point when I started to cry because of where I was in my life. And even though I feel little better now I know that I can not do it on my own. I need Jesus in my life and I do not wanna go away from him. But I feel like the hardest part is over those emotions of regret are not as strong as they were at the beginning and there is this temptetion to actually deal with everything in my life on my own. So, what do you guys do to stay close to Jesus even when times are getting better? Even when you feel like you make progress and your life is getting brighter. I just want to walk with Jesus no matter what! I want to get healed, live my life fully and praise Him!
Thank you for your replies and God bless!

I don’t wanna be rude but I think you look at it the wrong way. It’s important to believe rather than just giving yourself up.
You look for Jesus and want to be with him but he’s there whatever you do. I truly believe God surrounds us. It’s not easy to find and you’ll definetly doubt it on your way. The road you walk is full of obstacles called life. Choosing to live with Jesus doesn’t mean following all knowing plan on how go keep a good relationship you have to find your own way. God accepts you the way you are and one can truly find comfort in him. They don’t make a difference based on how you loom or what you’re like you can talk to them whenever you need it.
But you can’t find God physically. It’s something each and everyone has in themselves. Don’t search for a almighty being in the sky but look at the people around you and accept them how they are. I believe that’s the way you should approach it.
Of course it’s also important to do things like praying or just thing about Jesus but believing doesbt come with going to church it comes from the heart and that’s where you have to look for.

Trust and allow you relationship to grow over time. No-one’s perfect, and it’s not about your hard work and actions anyway, so guard your heart and keep trusting Him. John 10:28-30

Hey @Adam - I, too, find myself really leaning into God the harder life gets and, on the flip side, leaning less the “easier” life gets. To answer your question of keeping the relationship fresh, I have an application on my phone called, “Jesus Calling” - it’s a little daily devotional and I love it because it talks in first-person (in other words, it’s like God is talking directly to you). Also, my favorite worship album of all-time is “Starlight” by Bethel Music, and I like putting that on every once in a while, especially if I’m searching for that extra boost of peace. I’ve linked to both below for you. Thanks for reaching out!

Jesus Calling:

Bethel Music:

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That’s good. I love “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” by Hillsong https://youtu.be/dy9nwe9_xzw

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@RedPanda - “Oceans” is awesome!! Anything Hillsong is great. :slight_smile: