What has fuel my darkness

Everyday…My happiness leaks… My spark fades… I tried to talk myself out of it. It just won’t work! I tried to be the best who I can be…But everytime I do it, has been the same way as happiness. Pint by pint a day, my dark self as started to shown as I covered who I was been before. Jolly good old burger…A fool that imagines everywhere to believe anything that can’t be stop…But,…In the end, what has been for…Is a propaganda. I believed in my false hopes…I tried to believe I can do anything. In the end was a test I never pass. GRRRR WHY DOES HAVE TO BE ME? The more you reason me onto doing whatever you want phrase and other s***. The more I’ll be seeing the horrific that will punch onto my fcking skull till I traumatize from. I ain’t showing to be called cool. I’m the fcking opposite!


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Hi friend,
thanks for opening up to us. Just know that we care deeply about you and I wanna encourage you to keep coming to the support wall and opening up to us.
You are a very strong and smart person. You don’t deserve to deal with this on your own and I’m sorry you’re going through this. I wish I could take this pain away from you and I’m sorry that this is something that’s affecting you.
Please remember that this WILL pass. This isn’t your entire life. This will be over soon.
Don’t stop coming back here and talking about how you’re feeling. Opening up is a great way of healing. Please don’t bottle up all of this stuff that’s going on.
love you friend, stay strong

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Thanks nicole, my emotions are a pass and go. I’m surprise, up to this day. Felt like always in a limbo onto between. But, thank you for care given.