What have I done to people?

So, I was an accident and got a concussion. I’m okay now, but the doctor said no loud noises for a while yet, and some lights will still bother me. So, naturally, my dogs bark constantly, and my little brother purposefully yells in my ear. I told my parents, and they said that they can’t do anything about it. I locked the door to my room so no one could make my head worse, and my dad screamed at me for having it locked. I got a dizzy spell on the steps, and my grandma told me to stop being so attention-seeking. Am I really an attention seeker? My dad was the one driving, shouldn’t she blame him? No. Me, they all blame me. They blame me for getting a concussion, they blame me for the accident, they blame me for the fact that I’m not the perfect anything. My brothers and sister are prided on anything, and I can’t even get the right treatment for when it’s someone else’s doing. All the lights are on the brightest setting, everyone has to be loud, and apparently, I’m an attention addict. All I ask for is a couple of days where I can actually have the proper treatment I was prescribed, but no, we have to pick on me more, we have to use this to our advantage, make her head spin more than it already is. Lets mess up my life more than it already is.

Hey there friend,
first and foremost, i’m glad that you’re doing okay after this accident. I’m thankful that it wasn’t anything too serious and that you’re still here.
Second, i’m so sorry you are being treated this way. The best i can tell you is maybe have a serious talk with the people who are making you feel like this. Try not to argue or raise your voice, just speak to them about how you’re feeling and how basically it’s not making you feel better. i hope and pray that they’ll understand and change their behavior.
Remember that even through the darkest of days, there is still light and beauty. We will see it, when we allow ourselves to be fully open to it.
And also, God gots you. He loves you and is there to help. He understands.
hold fast.

I am glad that you are okay.

Maybe just close it without locking it?

Maybe it was how you reacted that made her think that? I’m sure if you explain to her what was going on she would understand.

I’m sure it was just a bad day everybody was having. Sometimes you just have to let people’s bad moods & mean sayings just blow past your head. It doesn’t mean what they did was right. It just helps to not add stress to the issues that you already have.

I hope that you’re feeling better. Be strong.