What have i learned ? [TW : attempt and self harm]

So My 22nd Birthday is in 8 days and I just wanted to show my progress/journey with my mental health.
Honestly, life in my opinion is so much worth living. I remember it’s been exactly 6-7 years since my mental health battle started. I remember I would always go straight to self-harm when I would be easily triggered by the reactions around me when I was home. At that time I felt like no one cared about me. That I wasn’t good enough that I was a failure. Those words kept repeating over and over in my head. I remember relapsing over the most stupidest thing ever but at the time I was still grieving over my grandfather. Last time I relapsed with 3-4 years ago in December of 2016/2017 the day my cousin got married . To this day I am about to be 4 years clean (December 12 2021 will mark 4 years clean).
I remember Ya’ll responding to post of mine to where I wanted to die so bad . That I saw no worth in myself … that i deserved to die , that i thought i was a mistake, that i had no purpose. I remember this community telling me i had so much worth .

To those who are Struggling with mental health , You are not alone. Please continue to reach out to those who are around you for help . Please contact the Suicide prevention line . LIfe may fill you with ups and downs but the road to recovery is so much worth every dime and nickle.
Hold Fast friends , You’re worth it !


Thank you Ashley for your kind and encouraging words. Your strenght is very admirable. :slightly_smiling_face:

What a lovely post!
We’re all so proud of you, and yes, you are loved and worthy here and we’ll always remind you of it! Thank you for being here with us :slight_smile: