What if people will start hating my acting skills…?

I’m really nervous right now, I don’t know what to do right now. Again, I am not really a person who likes to be surrounded with a bunch of people.

I am scared as hell

Argh :confounded: Why does this have to happen? Again, I do like acting, but I’m just not good at acting in front of almost the whole school.


Hi Katelynn
Take a breath, have some water, it’s okay to be nervous. I happen to be backstage crew/dabbled in some acting so I have seen many people who are scared before performances, especially with an audience as big as your school. Although being surrounded by people may not be your favorite feeling, know that they are there to support you and cheer you on. Draw on what you have practiced during rehearsals, and hopefully getting in character will help take your mind off the audience. Seems like your performance is soon, so good luck!
Break a leg (figuratively)


It’s scary tho. Idk if ima make it.

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Yes, acting can be scary, and fear is your mind’s way of keeping you safe. Let the fear take a seat in the corner where it can’t get in the way while you are onstage because you should be safe. This is your time to enjoy acting and show your skills. If you’re worried about mistakes, often the audience can’t tell intentional actions apart from mistakes because they haven’t been to your rehearsals. If it is still scary, take it one scene at a time. I believe that you can make it, you are better at acting than you think.


It’s rare, even among the superstars to not have performance anxiety. Acting improves with practice. Few people are good actors until they gain experience and enough confidence to act in spite of feeling anxiety related to acting.

It’s universally repeated, “we are our own worst critics.” That means we see flaws and deficiencies in ourselves that others don’t. We even see problems in ourselves that don’t really exist. Also, if your acting skills are not yet “great,” the worst thing that will happen is that other actors around you will feel more accepting of their own performance, whether or not it’s “better” than yours.

To make things even more interesting is that professionals often make horrific errors in judgment when assessing the skill of their students. For example, the Beatles were thought of as no-talent deadbeats. Walt Disney was thought to have no imagination or good ideas. Oprah was fired a couple of times. A concert hall manager told Elvis to go back to Memphis and drive a truck.

The bottom line is, if you like to act, I’d bet my life that you’ll become good at it if you aren’t already. Writers have to write, actors have to act, if they hope to become skillful in their art.

It may not seem like it, but now is the perfect time to face both the fear and experience of embarrassment if it comes to that. If you get past the worst of it now, it’ll be easier for you to grow in skill, and be less afraid of pursuing your dreams.


Thanks :pray:t2::green_heart: I really appreciate it

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see it on the other side.
what if people like it ? how would you see it when you were in the audience ?
that can help you to see that differently, write that all down. not only the negative way. also the positive.
we tend to think of the “bad” outcomes first. but i hope you can enjoy this. you will have fun there and it will
go great, i am sure.
this is great to hear, do what you like to do, have fun and stay with it. if people notice, that you like what you do,
you do that with heart, that gets recognized more often that we think.


You love and enjoy acting and theatre so much you said. Why don’t you try to do it for yourself? Then it doesn’t matter what others think about it. As long as it brings YOU joy and fun. Because if you stop worrying about what others might think and instead enjoy what you do, people will notice.

Imagine watching a musician playing their instrument, and they put their heart and soul into it, they forget everything around them and just live for the music in the moment. Isn’t that much more fun to watch than somebody who is worried and trying to do everything right, somebody who is more focussed on what is going on around them than what they are actually doing in that moment?

Do what makes you happy. You will be much better as if you try to be good for others. If you enjoy acting people will enjoy watching you as well.


I don’t have a choice, @Symphony. I love it, but I don’t like crowds of people.

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