What is a title?

I went to the Warped Tour in Atlantic city today!!!
The heart support crew where so warm and bubbly, I couldn’t help but give them a hug! They inspired me to come do this, I think this is what I needed.
I haven’t been on here an years and while this is freaking amazing, its a lot at once.
Ill get used to it.

I know I should adress the metaphorical animal’s in the room but its okay everythings okay I’m fine that was thing and this is now where good today was amazing! Ahhh shout to all my overthinkers! :blush::upside_down_face:



I’m glad you had a great time at Warped Tour. You are welcome to share anything you want. This community loves you. Thank you for taking your time of day to write. God bless you.

Hey Ghostiegirl,

So glad you had a good time at Warped Tour as well. Your post has me curious – what is the “animal in the room”? Would love to hear more. Whatever’s on your heart, you’re safe to share here.