What is the best decision?

I recently was contacted by my best friend I grew up with…we lost contact when we both moved away from our hometown. There were things that we were involved in that I have since left behind and have been free from for a long time now. She hasn’t. I’m torn, I think maybe I can help her but I am also scared of being weak and go back to old ways that would destroy me and everything I love. But everyone needs help sometimes right? What if I am the only one who will try to help her? How do I know I am strong enough?

Hey there friend. Getting someone the help that they need is important. I feel that maybe you could use a 3rd party to get her help? Maybe contacting first responders in the area she’s in? I don’t know if that’s gonna help, but it may. Thank you for sharing. I hope things get better!

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As much as we want to help others we must also make sure to protect ourselves. My question would be is: is she wanting help? You can’t make anyone get help if they are not receptive to it.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maybe be in contact with her. But I would be honest with her about your concerns and that you don’t want to get back into that lifestyle. That you care about her and if she is looking for someone to help her then you would love to be there for her. Maybe encourage her from afar via phone or message. Then you can still try to help, see if she is receptive to help, but also protect yourself from being swept up in things you want to say away from.

These are just my ramblings :wink: take them as you will. Ultimately I wish you and your friend the best! I know that is a tough situation to be in.

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