From jada: What it says above.======

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From little_micro: Hey <@1086629790796222544>, if you are unsafe right now and intend to hurt yourself, please make sure to contact a crisis line. There is a list available through the <#423176381141090304> channel. You matter and deserve to be safe.

From jada: I’m not following a link or finding help I can’t handle this anymore there is no point

From jada: The person that lead me to this is a crisis response member or whatever the fu- it’s called so I don’t even know why I posted this her this is obviously not a place for getting help.

From little_micro: This is 100% a place for getting help. However, this is indeed not a crisis line or a crisis resource. When you struggle with an intention or urge of hurting yourself, you deserve appropriate support, which is not something that we can provide here. You can share what’s on your heart, find people who will listen, interact and encourage you as well. But when it comes to your physical safety, it is also essential to reach out to services who can help.

From little_micro: This is said with genuine care for you - not against you. Your safety matters.

From jada: I don’t have any one that’s the problem I have no one to go to for help it’s the middle of the night my parents are out of town and I have no idea what to do I don’t want to live and the only person that could help abandoned me for no reason…

From little_micro: May I ask who is/was this person to you? Completely okay if you don’t want to respond.

From jada: <@987799913704325222> this person…

From jada: I probably shouldn’t be tagging

From muffin: …======================

From muffin: first explain why I left.

From jada: He left just left because he was worried that if he didn’t then someone else would harm themselves but it now I’m gonna hurt myself anyways

From jada: Don’t there’s no point===

From muffin: My girlfriend was paranoid I’d get with you.

From muffin: You have a reason to live

From muffin: everyone does============

From jada: No I don’t ima alone=====

From jada: And the one person I need chose someone else I tried everything to make her happy

From jada: It’s not my fault she’s just obsessive and can’t handle you having a life…