What my time at HeartSupport has taught me

If you’ve seen the twitch streams you likely know me as StevenHawkingTalkingDirty and if you’re on discord you likely know me as Ethan(StevenHawkingTalkingDirty)
I’ve been through a lot with all of you. I’ve made many friendships, cried many times, and laughed even more. I’ve had the honor of being a Twitch Mod and a Discord Admin. I’ve had the fortune of playing Overwatch with Dan and Casey on stream (Lys, Kayla, and many more off stream as well) and I’ve made many memories that will never be lost.
Most importantly out of all of this I’ve seen change. I’ve seen people grow and learn from their experiences and their mistakes. I’ve seen people mature and help others and I’ve seen people mature and help themselves. Through this I learned that there is hope out there for me. When I came here I did not expect to be a part of this community for long, I sorta vagabond my way around only communities but you all are so unique loving and caring to people you haven’t ever met. The kind of love that takes is incredible and it makes me proud and it makes me honored to know many of you.

Knowing that I’m not alone in my struggle and knowing that im not stuck without being able to explain myself is incredible in ways I can’t even put to words. These next few months for me are going to be crucial for my future adult life and knowing that I have people who I can trust to set me straight and people who I know I can lean on for advice and love is such a relief to me.

There are many people I owe a huge thank you to because I am so incredibly lucky to have you all in my life.

@Lyss dude words cannot explain the joy I get out of your comics, music, streams, and posts on facebook. Every single time we talk I feel relieved and I am so incredibly lucky to have you as a friend. I look forward to the next time we chat!

@twoguys1couch hey father, you are such an incredibly talented and caring person we don’t talk a whole lot but you and corey both are such a huge inspiration to me I really appreciate you both. I really appreciate your help the other day with the questions I had related to the military.

@Danjo …where do I begin? All the laughs we’ve had together and all the times we have talked about discord related things I get really excited. I look up to you a lot and you always amaze me with your love, artistic skill, and personality. You are so much fun to talk to I appreciate you more than I can put into words. You gave me a chance when I felt like all I did was fuck up, you are such an incredible influence on my life and so many others I am so lucky to know you.

@Casers You are such a talented vocalist and artist and you have such a big heart I am so lucky to know you. You have had such a positive impact on so many people and you inspire so many people to keep going I can only dream to be like you.

@Kayla Well, my favorite Australian (i dont know if anyone told you but you are from Australia now) you are so funny and you always make me smile. Seeing your name pop up on facebook or in discord/twitch chats make me incredibly happy.

@all_around_ashley my dude… we don’t know each other super well but you are really cool and I enjoy the time we have spent together. i like seeing the pics of Oreo, they make some of my darkest days a little bit brighter. You are incredibly talented and stunning with a big heart. Thank you for being such an incredibly person and member of the community.

If I had the time to name everyone who is an incredible person in this community I would be staying up A LOT later than I had originally wanted to (its 130am) but each and every one of you reading this I want you to know it gets better. Sometimes, it gets worse before it gets better. You are not alone and you matter. There is always someone who cares about you and loves you. You mean so much to someone and you are worth it.
Here is to another year, friends!!!
Take care and hold fast,

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You are wonderful, Ethan! I hope that as this next chapter in your life unfolds that you achieve the things you set out to, that you find peace and comfort when things are stressful and that you find strength when you feel weak. I hope we can better get to know each other over time. :heart:

Thanks for sharing!

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Love you so very much friend :heart:

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