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Hey there again, i don’t know if posting again my struggle is ok or not but I wanted to share few things again . From last few weeks i have noticed that apart from the already said issues( if you want to know read earlier posts) my memory has became weak to very much extent, i don’t remember things that I did or anyone said to me a couple of minutes earlier. Rn I feel dizziness although I don’t do drug stuff or like that ,i have been cheated by everyone whomever i trusted and this thing has led to me where I am right now but you know i don’t feel bad or miss them anymore. They are happy with their lives and i guess one of ex’s got married or will get married soon . Going into relationships was biggest mistake I ever did in my life ,after first breakup i thought that going into other one will probably heal me but had no idea that it was just going to make things worse.i never remained the same guy again. I felt betrayed, got into bad stuff, depression,suicidal and later on I did recover a bit but the worst was yet to come , when last year i had COVID-19, i got so much freaked out after knowing that i had contracted the virus that the stress led to panic attacks and in the meantime I also realised that i was suffering from derealization. I just hope that things would get better soon or I’m too tired now to take load anymore. The only thought going in my mind is what did I do to be cheated and back stabbed when i needed them most. Probably no body knows and i will wait for the answer till then i would put on my smiling mask. Sorry many things wouldn’t make any sense in this post, but i wanted to put it here


@Junaid, Oh I 'm so sorry that you are having such a difficult time with getting medications regulated (I read your other recent posts). What you are describing now sounds like it could be medication related - are you still taking meds? Or have you recently changed or stopped a medication? If so, can I suggest that you contact your physician about this? What you describe with the dizziness and memory issues sounds like you should have a medical check. Again, I’m so sorry that you are struggling so much through this. Know that we’re here to support you and walk with you, but we can’t replace medical care. Please let us know how you are doing and again, please consider checking in with your doctor about your symptoms. I’m glad you’re talking with us!


Probably it was related to medications, i didn’t took the medicines for few days, i called my doc but they told me he was out of state for few weeks. Thanks , as soon as he is back , i will get an appointment