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What’s your song/band rn?


I listen to hard rock/rock/metal core too. You’re not alone friend and whenever you feel like talking we’re here! :slight_smile:


A band called Sleep On It. From Chicago though the original singer I didn’t resonate with. The second singer is phenomenal.


I’m a sucker for some good pop-punk so I’ve been jamming some Retirement Party, Appleseed Cast, Into It. Over It., and classic New Found Glory.


I’ve never been a pop-punk fan, but here lately it has grown on me. Stay tuned :joy:


Oh that’s awesome! Yeah I was sad to hear that he passed as well. My roommate got me into WCAR back In 2011?..i listened to To Plant A Seed for about a month straight and nothing else, saw them at warped in 2012. I still really enjoy a lot of their stuff but yeah I was sad to hear that. Very good vocalist. I recently got into I prevail with their latest album, I go back and fourth with escape the fate though, back in 2010 I was that typical ETF hater because Ronnie wasn’t in the band anymore lol.,.which I realize was prettt ridiculous because Craig mabbit is a good dude and a great vocalist…but I would have to say that Ronnie Radke was and stil is one of my favorite vocalists. But yeah any music similar to those bands or any bands signed to Rise, Fearless or Sumerian Records. I have one friend who is somewhat interested in the same music, but he’s more into hardcore punk, ska and stuff like that but it would be really cool to meet someone who’s down to go to shows with me. Where do you live?


Hey thanks! What bands do you like and where do you live?


Black Veil Brides are my all-time favorite band, my saviours. I also like As It Is, Juliet Simms, Skillet, Courage My Love, New Years Day, Icon For Hire.
And I live in Minnesota


I love as it is. Their new album is incredible!! What do you think of the Great Depression?? Personally at the moment I’m really into miss may I, August burns red and Memphis May fire. (Or just slipknot and MIW my go to’s) :heart:️:heart:️


Hey fam! I recently discovered Erra and their albums “Drift” and “Neon” have been on repeat lately. Also… for a different vibe, check out Francis and the Lights’ album “Just for Us.” It give me all the feels and brings me back to center after a long/bad day!


Silent Planet, love all there music but there new release Share the Body, It talks about opioid addiction epidemic in america. This band is so good about about addressing things that a lot of people go through and need to be talked about.


As Luck Would Have It by Gold Steps. Really everything by Gold Steps, actually. They are one of the bands that have kept me sane the most over the past couple of months. Drove last night an hour and a half to Indianapolis just to see them at a tiny venue. Was never more than 20 people in that room at once including the bands. Was able to chill with the lead singer for awhile and eventually chatted with the whole band. Told them how they truly played a part in saving my life, bought some merch and gave them venues to try to book around my area on their next runs. Some of the most down to earth people ive met and they were all happy that I stayed around till they left. Great band that im hoping stays going for a long time.


Memphis may fire-the haunted
Wage war-anything off the blueprints album


Rise Against has been my favorite ban for 12 years now. I’m also really enjoying Dropkick Murphyss lately


Right now I am listening to Panic At The Disco: High Hopes


Anything by The Amity Affliction or Dream state at this very second, I went to see them on the 4th October and they were incredible.


Motionless in white! the Graveyard shift albulm - specifically “queen for queen” song<3


New Beartooth is fire.

Judas Priest is GOAT.


Agreed the new beartooth album is amazing!!!


Ice Nine Kills just recently realeased there new alblum The Silver Scream which is amazing, theres also End of a Good Thing by Cory Wells, Stitch Gravity and The River by Wage War, Soul Speak and Sunrise by Our Last Night. i could go on and on but ill end it there:blush::joy::joy::yum:


I love more like falling in reverse or Attilla