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What’s your song/band rn?


Attila * sorry auto correct again


If you guys haven’t listened to Coheed and Cambria’s new album yet, you need to, in order. The lead up and everything about it is amazing. I’m not one to say I love every song on an album but I seriously love every song on this album. That is all


Convictions, Silent Planet, August Burns Red, Fit For a King.


Silent Planet has been tearing it up. Such a fast growing group!


I’m in love with the new Coheed album “Unheavenly Creatures” and Gunship album “Dark All Day.”


I’ve been listening a lot to We Are The Ocean, specially the song Now And Then because it reminds me that it’s ok not to be perfect


My every day favorites have always been Korn and Slipknot, but I recently dug back into some Of Mice and Men (has anyone else seen Austin Carlile’s latest white chair documentary?!), and I remembered why I loved them so much. With it being my favorite season of the year, I am also constantly into Marilyn Manson’s iconic rendition of This is Halloween :grin:


I was away in Belgium last weekend and I was super stressed because I didn’t know the area at all so I was listening to a lot of Asking Alexandria? I don’t know why but they really help calm me down. Not The American Average was usually the one to start with when things got too much 🤷


Would you guys be interested in writing for my online music review magazine? If so, let me know! Would love to have you on!


I’ve personally been listening to a lot of Fit For a Kings new album but the songs that resonate the most for me are “oblivion” “tower of pain” and “when everything means nothing”. I also listen to a lot of being as an ocean, silent planet, and here lately I’ve been jamming a lot of slaves. But Fit For a King is definitely my go to band!


I’m currently loving everything about Eminem! It feels good to just put my headphones on and just feel the beat


I’ve been listening to Wage War almost every day for the past year now and their music has really been the hug I needed on some of those days. Their lyrics were very relatable to what I was feeling and my situation. When you feel alone in what you’re feeling it’s comforting to know someone else gets it and both of their albums felt more like talking to a friend to me than it did listening to music. If you like deathcore/metalcore I suggest checking them out and even if you don’t, check into their lyrics. It’s good stuff. :metal:t2:


Falling In Reverse are my personal favourite at the moment - everything is vaguely shit at the moment and their lyrics really connect with me when I feel left out and abandoned by everyone. Fuck You And All Your Friends is an everyday stream :ok_hand:

  1. Linkin Park - Keys to the Kingdom
  2. Rise Against - Survive
  3. Bring Me the Horizon - Pray For Plagues
  4. blessthefall - Up In Flames
  5. The Story So Far - Empty Space


Young Rising Sons - SAD


Marilyn Manson for sure

1 Target Audence
2 Burning Flag
3 Blood Honey
4 Pistol Whipped
5 Rock Is Dead

Oh and I’m really loving Death March my Motionless In White :notes:

  1. Crush 40 - What I’m Made Of…
  2. Zebrahead - Rescue Me
  3. Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong
  4. P.O.D. Strength of My Life
  5. Powerman 5000 - Free
  6. Sum 41 - With Me
  7. The Offspring - Trust In You
  8. Paramore - Forgiveness
  9. War of Ages - All Consuming Fire
  10. Living Sacrifice - Reborn Empowered
  11. Demon Hunter - The Soldier’s Song
  12. RED - Breath Into Me
  13. Skillet - Savior
  14. Thousand Foot Krutch - So Far Gone
  15. Matisyahu - Warrior
  16. NF - Oh Lord
  17. Manafest - Everytime You Run
  18. Eminem - Stepping Stones
  19. False Idle - In The Dark
  20. uniSEF - Hope
  21. Metanoia - Te Amo (I Love You in Spanish)
  22. Rojo - Fuego de Dios (Fire of God in Spanish)
  23. Renacer - Una Vez Mas (One More Time in Spanish)
  24. Comprados - Solución (Solution in Spanish)
  25. Circle of Dust - Outside In
  26. Celldweller - Under My Feet
  27. Scandroid - Eden
  28. Blue Stahli - Give Me Everything You Got
  29. Sunset Neon - Tonight
  30. Raizer - Fall
  31. The Anix - Wasteland
  32. Julien-K - Maestro
  33. Warbringer - When the Guns Fell Silent
  34. Muertos Una Vez - Adriana
  35. Metamorffosis - Cuando Todo No Tiene Sentido (When Nothing Makes Sense in Spanish)
  36. Nicole Garcia - En Tus Rios (In Your Rivers in Spanish)
  37. Comrades - Shepherd’s Hymn
  38. My Epic - Open Letter
  39. Everything In Slow Motion - Poison
  40. HANDS - New Earth
  41. DENS - {W}retched
  42. Weathered - I Do Not Belong Here
  43. Deathbreaker - Absence
  44. For Today - Talmidim (The Servants)
  45. Norma Jean - Funeral Singer
  46. Silent Planet - Orphan
  47. Orphaned Land - Brother
  48. Moshiach Oi! - Shema Yisroel
  49. Extol - A Gift Beyond Human Reach
  50. Impending Doom - My Light Unseen
  51. Cypress Hill - Carry Me Away
  52. Beastie Boys - Pass the Mic
  53. Public Enemy - Fight the Power
  54. Rage Against the Machine - Guerrilla Radio
  55. Disturbed - Already Gone
  56. Nothing Left - Widen the Wound
  57. Death Therapy - Prodigal
  58. Wolves at the Gate - Dead Man
  59. Fort Minor - Welcome
  60. Mike Shinoda - Can’t Hear You Now
  61. Havok - Prepare for Attack
  62. Municipal Waste - Sadistic Magician
  63. Exmortus - Victory or Death!
  64. Laura McElroy - Fig Tree
  65. Formerly Bodies - Mind Games
  66. Johnny Gioeli - It
  67. Dead by Sunrise - Let Down
  68. The O.C. Supertones - So Great a Salvation
  69. Christafari - Love of My Life
  70. Echosmith - Tell Her You Love Her
  71. Darla Cozzarelli - Obsession
  72. Nekrogoblikon - Darkness
  73. AP2 - Resurrection of the Ravens
  74. Argyle Park - Doomsayer
  75. KLANK - The Beast Within
  76. Mortal - Muj0
  77. ss79 - Perfect World
  78. I AM THE STORM - Who Are We?
  79. Zippy Josh - Why’d You Did It
  80. Yossi Sassi - Cocoon
  81. Shlomit Levi & RebbeSoul - Abdah Bil’agual
  82. Rival Choir - Help My Unbelief
  83. Stanley Serrano - Mascaras (Masks in Spanish)
  84. Reel Big Fish - Life Sucks… Let’s Dance
  85. Must Build Jacuzzi - Hey You, Skank!
  86. Hope for the Dying - Legacy
  87. The Hoax - Human Soundtrack
  88. Fleshkiller - True Image
  89. Asuza - Distant Call
  90. August Burns Red - White Washed
  91. Stavesacre - Gold and Silver
  92. Project 86 - Defactor
  93. Spoken - Remember the Memories
  94. Flatfoot 56 - A Voice
  95. LEDGER - Ruins
  96. Fight the Fury - I Cannot
  97. Sef Idle - Get Back Up
  98. Abby Nicole - Follow Me
  99. 6’10 - The Tavelers
  100. NYVES - Fall Behind
  101. Low & Behold - Mercy
  102. Training For Utopia - Two Hands
  103. Zao - The Dreams That Don’t Come True
  104. Stryper - Surrender
  105. Theocracy - Wonder of It All
  106. Deliverance - The Fold
  107. Believer - Lie Awake
  108. Seventh Angel - The Raven Sky
  109. Orationem - When We Are Wounded
  110. Estare Junto a Ti ( I Will Be With You in Spanish)
  111. L!Z - Miles
  112. Esoterik - Cup of Life
  113. Every Day Life - Transcend
  114. Doulos - Open My Eyes
  115. MC Blessed - Whom You Are


Twenty one pilots. They have saved me so many times these past few years


I love NF! He is so great!


He is! Haha! I saw perform last year for the first time, and I love it. I will see him again in the future. God bless him.