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What’s your song/band rn?


Awesome thread with great suggestions! I’d say right now August Burns Red and Motionless in White have been the top ones.


I listen to so many bands. I could talk for hours and hours about nothing but bands. This is just a few…

  1. Bad Omens (amazing live)- Fountain
  2. Chelsea Grin- Dont ask dont tell
  3. Motionless in White- Black damask
  4. Get Scared- Drown
  5. Coal Chamber- Me Loco
  6. Mudvayne- Nothing to gein
    7.Slipknot- The devil in i
  7. Upon A Burning Body- Red razer wrists
  8. Ice Nine Kills (awesome live)- Thank god its friday
  9. Suicide Silence- Disengage
  10. Miss May I- Forgive and forget
  11. Sum 41- Walking disaster
  12. Good Charlette- Predictable
  13. New Found Glory- My friends over you
  14. Bayside- We’ll be okay
  15. Bowling For Soup- Punk rock 101
  16. Blink 182- Adams song
    18.Black Veil Brides- Beautiful remains (AMAZING live)
    19.Twenty One Pilots (saved my life many times)
    I feel this is a good opportunity to promote a really good local band from where I’m from. Check out Find Me Alive. They are awesome and deserve some attention. They are also really good live.


I know it’s kinda cliche to say “this band saved my life”. Anyway Living Sacrifice was the band which helped me through some darkest times. I listen to them ever since and hope to say “thank you” personally some day.


Motionless In White day in and day out



Living Sacrifice is awesome! Hehe. I never seen them perform live. Oh well. God bless them.


August Burns Red is my fav and will probably be played until the day I die but I’ve been listening to The Ascendicate more recently, that and Demon Hunter.


Ahh dude! I love falling in reverses 2 singles losing my life and losing my mind. SO good… I also love slaves newest album


For me lately it’s been

  1. Wolves at the gates 3 newest singles (the cure, drifter and a voice in the violence)
  2. Slaves newest album
  3. Obsessed with underoaths newest album erase me - I relate so much to what the songs speak about
  4. Oh sleepers latest singles (fyi their new album drops July 12th. 2019, cant wait for that
  5. I have been listening a lot to needtobreathe. one of my all time favorite bands
  6. Also have listened to bring me the horizons newest album amo probably 50 times lol.

Great topic idea!


Love wage war man!

Especially “low”



Nice! I am going to see ABR for the third time this July at Warped Tour! Also, I am going to see DH for the second time this August! Yeah!


Going to see I Prevail, Issues, and Justin Stone. Just a few more of the ones o listen to


The Crimson Crown by Swallow The Sun. Their music keeps me sane


Everything by times of grace (Jessie n Adam D of killswitch). It’s Jessie’s video that really spoke to me n brought me to heart supppot. We’re all worthy people, if not to anyone we kno, than to each other here



I love all things Jesse did. Check Serpentine Dominion (death metal project from Adam Dutkiewicz with George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher on vocals and Shannon Lucas on drums). Jesse provided lyrics for them and it’s pure fire :snake::snake::fire::fire:


Yes! Adam D is amazing, u can totally see Jessie’s input, intense, sad n soulful


N I loved Shannon in black Dalia murder


I tamper wit the evidence at the murder site of oden - dethklok.

I daydream my daughter plays the lead guitar n I’m playing drums at downsview park(big outdoor venue in Toronto). Almost brings a tear of joy to my eyes



I love Lacey sturm so much. I wish more people talked about her she kills it.


@IAmCassie - 100% agree! She’s currently co-writing with Korey Cooper (Skillet) on a new album - so stoked for it!!



Cool! I am going to see Skillet again this September!