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What’s your song/band rn?


my go to is deff. Cimorelli, Pentatonix, and Home Free


Currently listening to Poets of The Fall

  1. P.O.D.
  2. Linkin Park
  3. Demon Hunter
  4. Adema
  5. Red
  6. Deftones
  7. Cypress Hill
  8. Tony Dize
  9. Matisyahu
  10. Creed


We have some bands and artists in common!


Yes we do my friend yes we do


Been blasting a lot of music by “We Never Learned to Live”, kinda post rock/hardcore, little bit proggy and some really interesting bleak lyrics.
Also GoGo Penguin, modern jazz piano trio, adore their music but only when I’m reading a book or drinking coffee <3
And for a while, Frozen Niagara Falls by Prurient was the only thing I could sleep to… extremely abrasive, often rife with harsh static or sub bass overloads but also somehow 80s-reminiscent melodic noise music, with screamed kind of spoken word parts. Totally unique and eventually familiar in its caustic nature.


I’m a huge fan of metal, rock and rap. Pretty much if you shouldn’t play it at a family party I’m into it. But lately I’ve been into a lot of Metallica, I’ve just been really feeling the beats and the solos. Especially the emotion they used to put into their music


Shinedown, ive been listening to their song monsters a lot lately and its giving me some piece of mind and helps me deal with some bad situations in my life atm


August Burns Red of course! Jake Luhrs is the papi of heart support. Fit for a king, Parkway Drive, As I Lay Dying, The Beatles, Excision, Sullivan King, Billy Joel, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Thy Art is Murder.


Two I Prevail songs: Scars and Come and Get It


Being as an Ocean
Last Chance by We Are Mountians


Lately alot of Pierce the veil and of mice and men for me. The lyrics bring me encouragement in songs like never giving up and bulls in the Bronx


I feel late to the party.

I’m always in a Parkway Drive mood. It’s nice that they’ve expanded their music over the years, so there is always something for my attitude.

I prevail’s new stuff is super catchy too, from driving, to working in the office, and dancing around in my room.


Last chance by were are mountains
Juice wrld


Not sure whether it’s already been mentioned, but the version of Fight Song by the Piano Guys with the bagpipes is one that both gives me strength and brings me to tears!