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What should i do

hello again i havent done this in a while but lately ive been very suicidal ive been going through a lot of change and i was looking for some help and advice please i really need someone to just understand and help me i cant explain how im feeling or what im doing i just need answers


Hey, you are not alone. Please, keep fighting! Don’t give up! We are here for you. You are here for a reason. God created you with a purpose. I want to share a video with you. I really hope it will help you

hello dear, thank you for sharing all these difficult things you’re feeling rn, but dont think about that again , i mean theres a lot of reason why u should stay alive, think about your family they will miss you and a time will come, once you’ve battled the toughest times of ur life and are in ease once again, where u will be so glad that u decided to keep on living and you will emerge stronger from this all and wont regret ur choice to carry on with life, because i believe things always get better , and remember everythings always happens for a reason so , u need to stay alive , if you need to talk we always be here for you. remember you’re worth it dont let anyone especially urself , tell u otherwise.and dont give up, i know its hard but believe me U CAN GET THROUGH THIS