What small gestures can bring on

When I wrote to Heart Support I was at the end of my rope. Not knowing if I would just spiral down into my addiction and waste my life and my son’s or find some weird ass coping mechanism that would work of a time.
People answered my plea for help. Dan drew for me, and talked to me through a video, and I surfaced again, realized that people cared for me, and that love has many many different faces, and that if I looked I’d find them.
I moved out to the country side, as was planned, I repaired my relationship to my toddler, I started taking care of myself again, went back to my yoga mat, I reach out to AA to meet people like me who decided to move from their addiction and support each other. I found love in these places and it’s all thanks to this community. It was always in the back of my mind, if I needed, it was there 24/7.

There is not enough THANK YOU in the world for this place. But I am so so so so Grateful it is here, and I wish everyone great strength in their struggles, and wish all of you to be on the other side of pain one day




That’s AWESOME to hear! So glad to hear that you’re doing better! KEEP AT IT! :heart:

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Thank you Tom ! keep strong in all your endeavours <3

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