What the hell is wrong with me?

I have goodish days and then I have these days where I absolutely want to die. What the hell is wrong with me.

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Nothing is wrong with you. I have also had these types of days. I struggle with a lot myself and all the issues in my life have lead to a lot of issues like this. One moment can be amazing and I will be okay and than the next I just want to die or not be here or just asleep and stuff. I want to say that it is important to know that if you are really worried about what you will do than I want to encourage you to seek help from a therapist and perhaps share about these type of days.

I am not sure what all is going on right now but if you want to talk I am here.

Hold fast


I feel so stuck. I feel like I just am not worth any of this any more everyone has tried so hard to help me and I let them Dow every time.

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Learning, there is nothing wrong with you. Many of us here have this same struggle, ik I do. There are days when you have extra strength to face the world and there are days when the world’s weight is absolutely crushing you. You’re not alone, we are here for you as best as we can be. Ty for being brave enough to share these feelings. Do not give up! Was there anything that triggered this feeling in general today or the last few days? I have a lot of things that push me to that limit, personally. Feel free to talk about it, let us carry that burden with you.

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I feel like there is no where to turn.

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I totally get this feeling- so many days are good, things get better and you feel good- but then that comes to an abrupt stop and the bad days start coming with a vengeance.

It’s hard to understand why you are put in these trials- but just know that things can get better and it is impossible for things to stay bad forever- just as you have stated, there are some good days.

There are so many who fight this same battle everyday- you are NOT alone in this fight my friend.

We are right here with you.


YOU ARE worth peoples effort.

You deserve to live.

You deserve to feel loved.

You are loved. You are important. You are cherished.

Hold fast. We are here no matter what. You ARE AND WILL ALWAYS be worth it.

With love,
Lyss(your old pal Blurryface)


Nothing is wrong with you friend . We all have our good days and we also have bad days . But that doesn’t defines us . As Danjo would say , what matters is that we have breath in your lungs. You may think “what the hell is wrong with me (you)” , but the truth is you are you . You are unique in your own ways don’t let something define who you are as a human being on a place called earth . You have a reason to be alive , you have a purpose to be alive and it’s okay to have a bad day because the next day will be a better day .
Remember you are worth it and hold fast .



You’re not alone, friend. Everyone, to an extent, feels the “highs and lows” of life - some more than others. Some people, such as myself, need to seek professional help in order to stray away from the extreme lows for as long as possible. I’m proud of you for taking the very important step of deciding to talk to someone about this. I would highly recommend checking out the possibility of talking to a professional counselor about what you’re feeling - I go all the time and I love it! In the mean time, take up your sword and fight back the lies that are being shot at you. You ARE worth it. Hold fast, friend. This season will pass. We’re here for you.


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You are absolutely not alone in this. It’s hard to see in today’s age with instagram and facebook, everyone posting happy picture perfect paradigms that their life is flawless. It’s simply not true. We all face struggles, and we all have our good and bad days. I’m the perfect example, yesterday I felt wonderful! Then I had a sobering talk with my boss about my slipping performance at my job, and ultimately I’m on my last strand with them. My main flaw he warned me I needed to fix has been a life long struggle I’ve tried for so long to overcome. It completely devastated me, and sent me into a funk that has carried into today. It’s triggered my recurring thoughts of worthlessness.

I have learned the hard way, that the only place you can run to is the feet of Jesus. Only there is rest found. It’s the only place I can run to, I’ve tried running to anyone and everyone over the years, and all have failed to meet what I really needed. That does NOT mean that we are not here to help you. Everyone posting on here cares, we want to see you overcome this, and we all believe you can overcome this. You are an overcomer.

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There is nothing wrong with you. You are so special and beautiful because there is no one on this planet like you. Like me like any of us. You are unique and wonderful. We all have bad days and ones that are really horrible that we can’t imagine to go on. Finding ways to relax and clam yourself on bad days helps me so much. Remember tou are not alone. And just because you had bad thoughts doesnt mean yu have to listen to them. :green_heart:

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