What the point of getting better

Lately, I can’t over my friendship ending with this girl. She was closest friend I had ever met. I don’t know if it was a lie.

My new therapist kinda sucks, he been late for my meetings, end one short last, ask me to join his social skill group that has ether get canceled or no one show up, I wasted a shit ton of money on getting better. Honestly, was the point, why even fucking try. I’m lonely peice of shit anyway, so why do I even bother.


Because despite the setbacks and frustrations, you’re gaining wisdom and even though you’re having a hard time coping, you’re doing a much better job of it than you used to.

Is it possible to hook up with a different therapist?

One thing about your close friend, if it happened for you once, it can happen again. You can hook up with someone else. I don’t think the relationship was based on a lie though. You genuinely cared for each other. For any number of reasons, a lot of relationships simply can’t last.

I spent a lot of time being lonely, then I got used to it and decided I was okay with being alone. Then gradually, I encountered options to be less alone. I still don’t have many people around me, but as an introvert, it suits me.

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Right now it feels like the hurt will never go away. I have the same problem where I can’t stop thinking about things that have happened. Especially, when I get hurt or someone makes me mad. The thoughts sometimes don’t go away for months. That’s normal for people with BPD and OCD. Give yourself some time and I promise you that the pain you feel right now will subside and the obsessive thoughts will calm down.

I wouldn’t want a therapist like this either. Is there a way you can ask for someone else? You don’t have to settle with this doctor.

I think it’s important to continue your therapy because one day you will meet someone who will love you back. :hrtlegolove: