What the point of trying

I keep asking myself, whst the point of trying anymore. I’m in 2000 dollar debt with medical bills for mental health. People in my life, lecturing me about how need to find apartment, that too immature and that never filling my life goals shit. The another day I had another asshole friend lecturing about responsibilities. That need grow up, fuck that asshole.

My sister was being an ass, saying that no girl would date me cause live with my parents. Reminding me that I’m lonely virgin loser that is look down on. I trying doing fucking DBT skills everyday, just nothing help. I hate being on these fucking meds that don’t do shit. Everyone just tell me, that I’m not good enough. No matter what I do , it never good enough.

I just so sick of this bullshit, I try everyday to not to self harm, to explode on people and just be a responsible adult. I work a full time and pay my taxes, I just that system is just going fuck me over and I will never have that American dream with family, a house and car.

I just like how asshole, judge me for living with my parent, I live In Massachusetts which really expensive and you have to sell drugs to get by. It a fucking joke. People don’t want to date me, I cause live feel living parent is the only option. Especially, after the pandemic and shit economy. People just suck.


Hey Metal

The super short version is: its your life. If you are unhappy now: that is pretty much the point in trying.

When people talk shit to you, you have the power to accept some/all of what they are saying, or not. If someone told you that you were no good because you were three inches tall and from the planet Saturn…that probably wouldn’t hurt your feelings.

If people are saying things that are untrue - I guess its best to accept that there are some mean and petty people in the world & your efforts will likely not change them and make your day worse: so its not really worth changing them.

for me: I get really bothered when people call me out of stuff that I don’t like about myself. Personally I can either accept that I am either: working to change that thing so I can cut myself some slack, or accept that negative thing is part of how I like to live my life and not feel so bad about it. - feeling shitty about something can be good if it makes you want to change. - If I feel guilt after I have a rage episode…then I try not to have rage episodes to cut out the guilt. On the flip side: I need to eat better, but if I give myself a guilt trip over it I now I have another problem on top of overeating crap foods.

What I have found in my own life: People want to be around people that are pleasant to be around. There are some kinds of people that gravitate towards people with “nice” things like cars and houses but really everyone likes hard-working kind people that and understanding of people.

Changing how you live daily takes time and its a lot of small corrections and sometimes it doesn’t feel like you are making any progress until one day you glance back and you can’t even see where you started and it will hit you how much you have done for yourself.

Regardless, its your life man. If you are happy, don’t let people convince you otherwise. If you know you are trying your best, don’t let people convince you otherwise. Work towards the things you want and most importantly try to enjoy the day-to-day (that is all life really is…thats the living part). The point in trying is that for most of us life isn’t all bad and its what you make of it.

What is the point in cleaning the house? its just going to get dirty again: To forever live in filth, or to constantly battle against it? - thats life man.

Hey Metal,

Wanted to take some time out of my evening to respond to your post. As soon as I saw the title I knew I needed to respond.

I can’t count on my hands and toes how many times I’ve said “What’s the point in trying?”

But as of recent I’ve changed that statement to “What can I do to keep trying?”

You seem to be unhappy in your current situation, so what can you do to keep trying for your end goal?

What’s your end goal?

Do you want the American dream?
A big home with a white picket fence with a wife/husband and kids?

Do you want to have your own place by 202_?

Do you want to have a new job by _______?

What is your goal, and what steps can you take to achieve your goal?

^^^ There’s the point my friend. To reach your goal.

Hold fast!! :heart: