What to do about getting out of a gutter?

I used to do a lot of writing, and i mean a lot. Last year I probably wrote at least 200 hundred pages in total, about a book I’ve been wanting to write. Wanna know how many of those pages are ever going to get published? Zero. Of all those pages, I have scrapped every single one.
Last summer was when I lost my drive for writing. The ideas stopped flowing, my motivation curled up and died, and I couldn’t bring myself to even write short stories anymore.
I got into powerlifting afterwards, and that became my main focus, but an arm injury has put me out of both powerlifting, and out of a job.
Since that happened I’ve been wanting to get back into writing, but I still can’t find any kind of passion for it. My brain has gone stagnant.
I’ve never dealt with depression or anxiety, clinically at least. But this last month has been pretty hard. I’m the kind of person who always has to be doing something, or else I immediately begin to deteriorate in terms of emotional wellness. And without the ability to lift like I used to, with no frame of mind to write, and no job to keep me active, I’m starting to beat my head against the wall.
Anyone have some ideas? Maybe a new hobby, or even a way to get out of this slump and back into writing?

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I’m a writer too. I lost my drive for it when I was revising my first work and decided to redo the whole thing. The great thing was the story wrote itself. Yet the problem I had was I wanted it written a certain way and the first half it was the way it was planned but it did a 180, 360 & a 90 and totally turned into a entirely different thing. I mean I probably could just leave it at was and found a way to get it in print. I was horrified though. I wanted my first work to be something that I would read and when I read it. I just couldn’t do it. So two years later I still haven’t even started the first chapter yet.

This hasn’t stopped my writing though. I still write. Not what I want. I practice a lot though. In preparation. I hope this month I pick it up my WIP. I still have most of my preparation materials. The outlines, characters, etc.

(However, what is a plague in my mind as a writer. I am a fantasy writer. I am a fan of LOTR, Harry Potter and The Summoner. Yet I want to make my first work a Horror Romance novel for some reason. Which screws me over if anyone likes it cause they’ll expect Horror Romance.)

Something to think about though, A writer writes.