What wrong with me

Okay I been having this on my chest so much and I feel like no one will understand. I been fatherless since I was six months old. I never knew who my real dad was till I was 8 years old. I thought my stepdad was my dad. My mom and stepdad divorce when I was 13 years old and that when I got in contact with my real dad I been trying to have a relationship with him since I was 12. I been trying so hard. But he has a very good relationship with my brother who had special needs. And he was talking to my brother and I really didn’t want to talk to him because I learn if he didn’t want to be in my life that fine. He went to prison when I was six months old for doing something to my sister. So I thought what is so wrong with me for him not to call me. Then I call last night off of my phone he didn’t pick up I called again still didn’t. So I called him off of my brother phone he picked up. So I go so you can pick up our son call but not mine. He acting like he didn’t know who it was he said who this. I go your only daughter did you forget you had another kid I’m your kid to I’m your only daughter I’m trying so hard to have a relationship with you. But you can call your son everyday but not me. I went off on him really bad he said the only reason why he doesn’t want a relationship with me because I’m a girl and my brother a boy. I had to ask him a question for my mom and hung up. Then I told my mom what was wrong with me I don’t understand what I did wrong. My mom and her boyfriend always take my side. And say nothing wrong with you your fine you did nothing wrong Hannah. I still feel like I did something wrong for him not to call me if feel like I’m not his kid anymore.

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I’m sorry that you’re being treated like this, but I’m glad you have your mum and her boyfriend supporting you. I understand how it feels to be treated like the “bad kid” my dad always boys, but, he ended up with 3 girls. He treats my sisters like princesses, and sees me as the quote “messed up child” (i wont repeat his ACTUAL words).
My mum and I both very nearly died when I was born, and he blames me for that… He likes to remind me that “I nearly killed my mum” and “nearly took away his only reason to live” < my mum doesn’t really hear this, but when she does hear the abuse from him, she doesn’t really do alot, just sits there and says nothing. I don’t know how it feels to be literally pushed aside like that, but I do know how it feels to be the child that has to sit back and watch their siblings be treated like they’re the best thing in the world. The fact you posted here makes me believe that part of you knows you didn’t do anything wrong - and I’m glad you did write this, because now we can help you to believe that a little more. If he’s not making the effort, it’s his loss. Let your mother and her boyfriend keep supporting you. We love you.

Hold Fast

I’m sorry you’re going through this friend. It’s very difficult to feel like you aren’t wanted. But I’m so happy you reached out and posted here. We’re always here for you friend and you are so loved!

Hey friend. I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone. HeartSupport is a family. And we accept, support, and love you so much. Hold fast <3

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Thank you so much I been thinking about and I’m still clueless and still wondering what is wrong with me.