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What's happening last few days

I not best at typing or even speaking about my crap. In advanced sorry for spelling mistakes , grammar this not thing really good at.

I just come back from festival I know fest blues exist from one’s I perform at to the ones I attend. This just because fests happens when I play at gigs too … When I play I am distracted I guess , passion got for music carry’s me through . Since returned home (Monday) this time feel empty and going that real bad process questioning myself and things round me. Last few years seen highs & lows round me. Seeing friends in my life getting married from me playing epic places which absolutely grateful me being in & out hospital. Days doing good giving something people put there to feel total invisible. I dunno nots wrong I just keep playing do what can do to play feed my fixies so speak. Help people through shit , seems invisible when I am in mine. Some days feel second best to lot things …

Anyways that’s my ramble for what’s happening last few days .


its good that you know what makes you feel somewhat better. music really is a special thing. i think you need to do something for yourself vs things for others. its good you have a distraction. sometimes the only thing for now is try keep busy.
i got u man i understand this


Music is thing always been there my whole my life .
From losing people from death, break ups ,. Just typical down days. Music is what passionate about got so many connections for me as person . Having this down time just destroying me and filled with every over thinking thought kept over time .

I’ve had similar feelings when coming home from dances. I think what’s helped me is being able to connect with my friends in ways besides just going to dances.


Happens lot especially when i travel , or have free day (alone time) . Really kicks in right heart & brain. Lot recently. Yesterday for example I really thought every bad thought could come up with on a loop. Normally when get bad head normal hide away from my friends. I find shockingly hard open up when comes tough bullshit . Maybe am 1 helps them out I become shoulder cry on or guy get them through it. Some reason can’t help myself. Sometimes I suprise still alive. Lucky I play lot gigs just keep me alive.

Love You Dude!
From One Musician To Another

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Hey DjHawk,

First I want to say welcome to the community, and I am so so glad that you are. You don’t need to apologize, because we are grateful for you! I’m so proud of you for having the courage to reach out. Even for me that’s the hardest part is to just muster up the courage to say, hey I’m struggling.

I just want to say what you are feeling is okay, and you are not crazy for feeling this way. It’s hard to see old things passing, people moving on, and just feeling stuck. But I promise you that good things are to come, unfortunately sometimes we just have to sit through the storm and wait.

Know that you are welcome here, and you are wanted. Don’t ever feel like you can’t reach out. Because you are wanted, and you matter, and your story matters! We will be here to walk alongside you, and help in anyway we can!

Hold Fast, You’re Worth It!

Love Always,


It’s helped me having something to look forward to when I’m having a rough week or in this case year. I’m working as a contractor over seas for a year and I stay within the confines of the base here in Qatar. The other night I went off base with some church friends to eat and the next day I was feeling bummed as I got back into my normal routine. Having a positive group of friends from church to go out with a couple times a month helps time go by for me. For me going to the gym six days a week helps me to feel better about myself. I believe it’s important to take care of your self physically and mentally, and not be tempted by the harmful things or just being lazy.