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What's It REALLY Like to Be a Big Streamer?

HeartSupport’s new video is extremely encouraging and really hit home. Right now, I’m struggling with comparing myself to everyone my age (including my little brother) who’s passing me in life - financially, getting married, buying a house, strong and stable career, etc. Friends, don’t let comparing yourself get you down. You’re on your own path. Look at what YOU have accomplished that other people haven’t.

As Kitboga mentioned in the video, "A guy went to a psychiatrist, feeling that he had accomplished nothing. He was comparing himself to his roommate who has done great things. His roommate started an international school and a couple of successful businesses. The guy who went to see a psychiatrist? Elon Musk.

Now go out and make this weekend count! :slight_smile:


I really liked the interview! (I am biased though because it was through Kit that I found heart support).


Thank you for sharing this video and your thoughts Eric. You just made me realize that I’ve been falling in a comparison trap for months… without even being aware of it. I’m not comparing my life to someone specifically, but definitely to a vague ideal of what I believe my life should be right now. Hard to get rid of the standards in our mind when it stems out of a feeling of dissatisfaction or shame. It’s scary to realize how much it’s easy to fall in this trap and not always being aware of it.

Thank you.

I hope your week-end was productive or/and a good opportunity to recharge.
Have a wonderful week - :hrtlovefist:


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