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What's the point anymore?

For years I’ve struggled with chronic depression and anxiety. I’m a nervous wreck 99.99% of the time and I’m constantly consumed with the thought of suicide. It’s been this way as long as I can remember.

My life isn’t perfect, but it’s looking up, according to others. My boyfriend/highschool sweetheart of almost 3 years and I are engaged, I’m moving halfway across the country in August, I for once in my life am taking charge of my decisions, and yet I feel depressed and suicidal every day.

Day after day it’s hard to get out of bed to go to my classes and when I do, I’m late, then throughout the day, I’m plagued by a lack of motivation which has lead to my dropping GPA.
To top it all off, I’m nervous and anxious constantly because I’m surrounded by people.

This fear and anxiety of being around people came to a very vivid point today when I hung out with a friend of mine who I hadn’t spent time with since November. I realized that this was the first person, who wasn’t family or my partner, I’d spent time with one on one since early December. Then the whole time we spent together consisted of my venting about life and her abruptly leaving, also marked with long periods of awkward silence.

When I got home and skyped my partner, whose 3 hours ahead of me, it was time for him to go to bed and I felt like such a burden because I spent 45 minutes breaking down and having a panic attack.

I feel like I’m in this endless cycle. I’m so tired of feeling shitty every day and having the constant feeling of wanting to die.

I have no friends anymore, I feel like a burden to my partner, my home life is fucked up, and I don’t see much of a future for me. What the hell’s the point anymore?


From: dyllonkg

Hey friend. There is a lot here - but first and foremost, thank you for posting and opening up your heart to us. That takes an incredible strength

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From: dyllonkg

I constantly battle feeling like a burden. But the thing I have come to change is to start giving those around me more credit. They are adults who make grown-up choices to allow me in their life. It isnt on me to second guess their choices


From: rydergrovest

An important thing to understand is that almost everyone has felt what you have so its normal. So in reality, They are too busy to think about themselves to care about those small things you feel anxious when even thinking of doing. You dont have a spotlight on you.


From: kayla1508

I know what you mean by taking control of your own decisions but still feeling trapped and suicidal. I feel that way right now too. Lean on your other half… Communicate with him. Communication with the people that love me is the thing that’s kept me going. Hold fast <3


From: tromboness

I definitely remember some of those feelings that make it hard to get out of bed from when I was in grad school. I was only able to finish by having something scheduled on campus every weekday morning. You are not a burden, and the people in your life that love you want to help in the best ways they can. Hold Fast!


Video Response:

Also… I made this for you. I hope it reminds you that you matter and that someone cares:


HOLY HECK WHAT?? that is absolutely the dopest thing I have ever seen, thank you so much!!

as of rn, it is officially my forever desktop background and reminder that I am never alone. also, tysm for the advice and the support, it meant a lot.
have a great day and thank you again for taking the time out of your day to support another person.

stay safe and much love!


Sorry for the late response, but it is crazy how a set schedule can really structure your mental health. Proud of you all for staying strong! To those feeling the same way, just know that these moments will, and are going to, pass. Waiting is such a tedious game, but sometimes it’s one we have to play.
Your advice has given me a new light and perspective.
Tysm for the sweet words and advice, stay safe, hold fast, and much love!


You wrote:
I have no friends anymore, I feel like a burden to my partner, my home life is fucked up, and I don’t see much of a future for me. What the hell’s the point anymore?

Just know that your feelings right now are not a good guide to reality. What YOU can see and feel is not all there is. Depression narrows and distorts our vision. It’s like if you were taking a multiple choice question on a test and all you could see was choice A and choice D you could tie yourself up in knots trying to decide between the two but the best answer is B and your brain is so impaired you didn’t even know that was there!

Not your fault. Science proves our brains just don’t work right under depression. You have to fly on instruments and not what you see out the window. Find someone you trust and listen to what they say not what you see