What's the point in keeping on going?

whats the point in keeping on going if im just dissapointing everyone and just keep fucking up. I keep fucking up. my art is always not fucked up, my carreer I fuck up in my career, im what am I supposed to do? im just im im i keep fucking up. im just so overwhlemed and sad and noone to talk to or jus im just whats the point? I feel like i cant do anything right? how do i move past this?

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Thanks for being brave enough to post this and how you are feeling.

I know it feels like everything is messed up right now but things can and will change. I too dealt (and still do deal with) feeling like all I do is mess things up, but when I have allowed things to come and let go of those feels I have seen things shift. (I feel like that sentence didn’t make complete sense).

All I am saying is that you are not alone with the way you are feeling. You are precious and worth so much. You may feel like you only screw things up but you have something beautiful and amazing inside you. It’s hard to keep going but it is worth it. Even though it doesn’t feel like it now, things can change and shift. I believe in you and so does this whole community.

You’ve got this. Stay strong!

Hey friend,

I’m sorry you’re feeling this way right now. It really does hurt.
I hope you can take some time today to think about something you did “right,” even if you don’t truly believe it. Maybe you made your bed, or walked the dog, or did homework. Maybe you took a day off and you really did need it. All of these are okay. I know this doesn’t work for everyone, but you could try writing down those things every night - especially when you feel proud of something you’ve done. That way when you are having a bad day and feeling like everything is messed up, you can look back on that thing and see something you’ve done even if it seems simple.

hold fast <3