What's the point

The past 5 months have been hell I was kicked out of the Army, Laid off from my job, My highschool sweetheart left me after 5 years my “best friends” pushed her to do it they left my life too I feel so hopeless, alone, terrified. I tried to take my life twice in the past week . I feel so alone

Hey Camron,

Thank you for reaching out here. I can see you’re really hurting. It sounds like everything you’ve known has changed drastically and I can understand why you would feel hurt and alone. That must have been devastating. I want you to know how happy myself and the HeartSupport community is that you are here with us. You are so strong and I know you can keep fighting. We are here to support you even though you might feel like you have no one else. We are for you and want to be here for you. Stay strong. We believe in you.

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes

Hey @Camron7 thank you for posting - I’m so sorry you’re going through all of this.

You’re not alone tho. My boyfriend of 3 years left me for my best friend the minute she was single - he had been using me. I’ve had so many friends including a best friend of 13 years leave my life… However, although it’s not a replacement for the connection with people physically around us, I’ve found some amazing friends here in the community that accepted me, even knowing I also tried to take my life.
Come and join our Discord, our live streams… You can make some awesome friends there too… You might even find someone close to you.

Hold fast

Hey @Camron7

I’m Hannah, I’m an intern here at HeartSupport. Thank you so much for reaching out to us on here. Thank you for sharing how you’re hurting. I know it can be really hard to talk about things like this, so thank you for trusting us and for being vulnerable with us here.

It sounds like everything that you saw as stable in your life has changed or disappeared. I know how hard that can be, and I’m so sorry you’re going through that. Change, although inevitable, is always really hard and it can feel incredibly isolating. We are here for you though, and like Kayla said, maybe you could find some people in this community to be friends with, to talk to, and to help you. I know some of our admin, John and Ben, are both military veterans, they would be great for you to talk to, I bet! And the discord and live stream are great places to go and to talk about what you’re going through. There are a lot of people here in this community that see you and want to help you.

You’re so strong! I know that sometimes it feels impossible. But keep fighting, keep going. I heard a quote one time that I thought was really encouraging, it said something along the line of ‘just remember, every day is a new day. You never have to relive your worst days, you can wake up and start fresh every morning’. I find that really encouraging, that we never have to go through our worst days again. Keep fighting, we are here for you. We know it’s a hard battle, but we are here and we want to fight it with you.

Hold fast, friend.
Hannah Presley