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When parents argue, their children suffer


Throughout much of my childhood, I’d get anxious and upset when my parents argued. They’d fight over misunderstandings and stuff that didnt matter. When they fought, I’d either attempt to ignore it (to no avail) or get upset and cry. This affected me so much and for so long, that even into my adulthood, the fighting was still affecting me. On one evening in 2011, I threatened to harm myself with a pair of scissors when my parents were having an argument (I was 20 or 21 at this point and still living with them). I did this NOT to actually harm myself but to get my parents attention to get them to stop arguing.

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Hey Tom!

I’m sorry you had to go through that. I think people don’t realize how screaming matches can really hurt a child. My friend, I’ve been there too. It affects me to this day. If someone just raises their voice at me I cry. But just know that their actions and their choices are not a reflection of you. Do not harm yourself. You cannot control what your parents do and how they react. But you can control yourself. Protect yourself and your heart.


Thanks for your response Cassie!


Blink 182 has a song about this and it captures the exact feelings in this situation. I can relate to this especially when the fights turned physical and verbally abusive. It truly does effect the kids and it’s to the point can keep repeating what you grew up with or breaking the cycle altogether and strive for better. Use the pain to make a positive change can’t always control what others do but you can definitely control what you do and the choices you make