When will it end

I’m so confused I don’t understand the whole point of being alive I mean people always say it’s a wonderful gift we are so lucky but I just don’t feel that way. All I see is greed people go to work so others can get richer and they hoard there riches for themselves if you don’t conform to what a selected group of people decide your automatically deemed as being crazy. We are told we can live any life we want but we can’t we have restrictions we have limitations I just don’t see the point. I want to die everyday I wake up and think why am I still here lately I can’t even get out of bed because I’ve got nothing left to offer the world. I would welcome death but your not allowed to say things like that because it upset everyone around you but it’s your life you can do whatever you want with it but you have to keep living even if you don’t want too. I’ve travelled I’ve seen lots things I’ve had wonderful experiences and I’ve also been through heartache and pain and suffering I feel I’ve felt every emotion I don’t want kids so why do I have to keep living why am I forced to live in constant torment because other people will be upset. This feeling will never go away this suffering will never end as long as my heart is still beating. I’m sorry if I’ve upset anyone but I had to let it out.


Thank you for sharing. I know that must have been hard to open up the way you did. I can understand that feeling, I have had it many times myself… Please know that there are other people out there that can relate and know your not alone… Open up and let us in to help…


First off, don’t apologize for how you are feeling and expressing that. You haven’t upset anyone. It’s good to just release our feelings so that they don’t get bottled up and implode.

I know, it’s so hard. I’ve totally been there. It’s a hard process to face the challenges and things thrown at us and stay afloat.

You are not alone my friend. At all. I know I can’t take away all of these feelings and thoughts but I want you to know that you aren’t alone in it.

Journaling and blogging has really helped me a lot. Just writing down everything on my mind. I have a blog that I write in. Sometimes I do it privately but I also have one that is public that nobody I know personally follows. It allows me to just mind dump for a while.

I have also recently decided I want to start journaling again offline. Writing things down. Having a binder I can just add things to. Some paper protectors sheets. Maybe get some washi tape, stickers, stamps, gel pens. Something that I can use to express myself with. Even cutting things out of old magazines and just gluing things on a page that visually expresses what I’m feeling could be good. Maybe something like this could be helpful to you! It seriously can be so refreshing.

Friend, I’m sending you so much love. I sincerely hope that you get feeling better. Don’t be afraid to take the steps that you need to do what’s healthy and good for you. Don’t lose hope.

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Hey friend,

I hope you’re doing okay since you posted this. I’m also glad you let this out of your chest. Please never apologize for expressing yourself. You always have the right to do it and you didn’t upset anyone. :heart:

You’re right, sometimes life feels… pointless, meaningless, and the world just seems crazy, filled by injustice and nonsense. When I feel depressed, I tend to have the same kind of thoughts. It feels like taking a step back and looking at my life being like a movie that I can’t really understand.

Of course, we have limitations. And the meaning of our lives remains something very personal. But fortunately, there’s also a lot of wonderful things happening in this world, a lot of beauties to see and enjoy, many opportunities to love, to laugh. As you mentioned, you had also the occasion to live wonderful experiences. But it sounds that you were thinking about a lot of different things when you wrote this message, like when we’re under a lot of pressure. Do you wanna talk about what makes you think and feel that way?

Your life is not behind you. And you’re not meant to suffer endlessly in the future. Sometimes we feel so overwhelmed and stuck that it becomes difficult to find ways to move on. We’re here to listen and support you as much as we can, to find with you the paths you’re looking for. Death isn’t one of them, friend. I hear you. But this is not a solution.

You are not alone. If you can, try to reach out to your beloved ones. Let them know about what’s going on. I know there’s a lot of shame in our societies around the idea of being helped when we need it. But it’s okay to support each other when times are tough.

Hold fast. :heart:

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