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When you said it feels like there a dark cloud over you for so long you forget what the sun looks like. Thanks doc😭now I’m balling my tears out because that’s spot on. Been listening to TAA for a little bit, fairly new to metal as well. Found them and for the first time in over a year I was able to get this feeling out of my self that was just pure anger aimed at no one. So they have been helping a lot and had the worst news in a while hit me yesterday at work. But as weirdly as the universe or whatever works I find out that TAA is having a meet and greet in my town 17 mins away. Finding that out was the best news I’ve gotten for well over a year.
Anyway if anyone got this far into this rant I’m sorry, don’t have anyone else to tell this too that I went from my lowest feeling in well over a year to the happiest within a few hours.
Hope for the best for anyone down here reading❤️


I spent so long pretending I wasn’t angry because all of my anger was directed inward. I think being able to let this anger out in healthy outlets is important. Glad you found one to do so! I’m sorry that you have experienced you’re worst news in awhile, but also super excited that you got some best news directly after! Letting out how you feel is important. Thanks for sharing it here.

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Hi Friend,
I’m so happy that you’ve found music that speaks to your soul and allows you to express how you feel in a healthy way. Music is something that does that for me as well. I can always find a song that says what I’m feeling or can help me realize what I’m feeling. I’m so happy that you’ve noticed that progress in your life. Wishing you only the best, friend.

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Wow - the kindness of the timing of that…to have your lowest low in a long time followed by the best news you’ve heard in over a year…that’s so kind.

You’re right - it’s hard when you lose even the memory of goodness in your life…honestly, there’s something to “just staying in motion”. You just keep going, and you kind of don’t acknowledge how lost or how bad things are. You just…wake up, and do your thing. But when there are moments that cause you to reflect and realize - holy shit, I’m not well - those moments are difficult. Because you recognize the subconscious weight you’ve been carrying all this time, and the exhaustion, the hopelessness of it all hits you like a ton of bricks. It’s hard to “just keep going” after moments like that when your knees buckle.

I’m impressed that you have found a way to keep your head above water, and I admire the strength you have - you might not know it, might not feel it, or sense it, or in your day to day feel like you have much to offer…but just looking at your story, knowing that’s what you carry - for you to continue on…that’s strength.

I’m curious - now that you’re aware, or perhaps freshly awoken, to this cloud over your life. What do you want to do about it? Do you remember when in your story you lost the sun? Do you feel in your gut like you know where to go or turn to make things better, reinstate some hope?

Thanks for sharing!
I’m glad you were able to express the emotions that you haven’t shown, and that you have the opportunity to meet such inspiring musicians! I hope that if those dark times come again, you can remember that the sun is still there even when you cannot see it.
Take care!

Thank you so much for sharing all of this. It’s so nice to hear how this news has been lifting you up, especially after navigating tough emotions fora long time. It truly is incredible how the way we feel can be conveyed through other’s music and art. I have myself learned to discover how much anger was actually part of things I could feel, and that it wasn’t wrong to feel it. It has a reason to be present. Thankful for you and that this has been an outlet in your life as well - to start reflecting on what could have been suppressed, and for the very fact that what you feel is absolutely valid. You are not alone under this dark cloud <3 And who knows, maybe it is through the healing connections we seek and create, just like right here and now, that we actively bring back the sun to us. Somehow it has never left - it’s just more difficult to see it sometimes. I believe you will able to see it again.

Wanted say thank you everyone who commented on my post. Didn’t think that would happen. I’m still fighting my own personal wars and come back here to here Docs words on the song. Thank you everyone involved in this channel. I don’t know how it does but it helps❤️

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