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Where can I go from here?


Hello. I’m new to this but I just needed to talk to somebody.

This week my academic life has been torn to shreds. I am currently in college to be a teacher and only have the next fall semester to go until I can graduate with my bachelor’s.
This past week I royally messed up and forgot to turn in a few assignments to one of my professors. I honestly have no excuse and have nobody to blame but myself.
I met with the professor of that class and tried explaining but she shot me down immediately. She told me that she wouldn’t want me teaching because if I can’t get small assignments done on time then how can I be trusted to be a teacher. And I agree with her.
She also told me that she will not be recommending me to student teach in the fall. (which would have been my final semester)
My advisor quickly called me into a meeting with her and asked me to explain myself. I told her that I did not have an excuse for my action and I know she is really disappointed in me.

My advisor told me that I could appeal my professor’s decision but that would involve me passing the rest of the semester with flying colors and then meeting with the head of the education department to make my case. Even then there is still a big chance I will still get rejected. My advisor did suggest that I look into getting Regents Bachelor’s of Arts Degree because I may already qualify to graduate with that degree. ( I do qualify and I can graduate with that degree in August of this year)

Right after I called my parents and told them what happened and they were there immediately to help me figure out what I could do. They even did some research about other programs I could join at different schools. I can’t thank them enough because without them I don’t think I would have made it through the rest of the week.

I have to make a decision about what I want to do. Do I want to stay at this college, put all the time and effort into passing just to get rejected in the end? Or do I drop my classes now and graduate with the RBA and then go on to another education program somewhere else?

With all of this happening, I am second guessing myself about if I really want to be a teacher.
I don’t feel happy and I don’t know if it’s because this whole mess of a situation is happening or if I really don’t want to do this anymore. I just want to give up.
If I can’t make it through this program how can I be trusted in a classroom?
Maybe my professor is right and I shouldn’t be a teacher.

I’ve disappointed everyone in my life and I am humiliated.
And I don’t know what to do.


Hi lostgirl,

Thank you for opening up to us here. Before I say anything I think you should be so proud of yourself for coming this far in your academic career. Going through school is not easy and being so close to getting your bachelors is an accomplishment that totally needs to recognized.
I’m sorry your professor is not willing to work with you. Everyone at some point misses an assignments and you should allow your self some grace for that. Just because your teacher is acting harshly and is unwilling to work with you dose not meen you are unqualified to be a teacher.
You say you are questioning your career plan because of this but I’d like to encourage you to look back at why you originally wanted to be a teacher and ask yourself if that’s still true to day. And if it is then I hope that you hold on to that dream regardless of this set back.
I’m so happy to hear that your family is helping you out through this it sound like you have a good support system around you. Even if it takes you a little longer then expected I believe in you.

With love,


Hi loveinflyleaf,
Thank you for your supportive words. I started tearing up when I read what you wrote.
I have really loved what I have been doing in school. And you’re right, I need to remember why I wanted to do this in the first place.
I just have a lot of worries about the future and if I can actually make it as a teacher.
I think all of these worries are surfacing now because I’m really doubting myself and wondering if I’m doing the right thing.
Thank you for believing in me…that means a lot to me. :smiley:


I’m praying the best for you❤️ Everyone in this community believes in you. I have no doubt that you can succeed!