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Where did my compasion go?


Why am I so angry with everyone and everything? I constantly screw everything up with my emotions. Why can’t I keep my shit together? I feel like even more of a shitty person when my husband has to fix things for me when I let my emotions out. Everything is such a bother to me. I have a string of retail shops that I run and I actually got mad at the fire marshal today because he pulled a suprise inspection on us. I probably made everything worse. I am probably going to get shut down by the state. FML. Sometimes I feel like I have no filter. MOST times I have no filter. I am a horrible person to be around. Why am I so direct? Sometimes I get mad at other people because I have to sugar coat everything to preserve their feelings. I just feel like I shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells around people. Either they can take it or they can’t. Have I lost my sensibility for other poeple’s feelings? How do I get it back? Do I want it back?



Don’t bring yourself down because of the mistakes you made. No one has it together. Everyone has their own journey. We all are learning. Your compassion is not lost. You’re just not in a good season. I encourage you to do something healthy and positive. You can control your emotions. You can ask yourself questions such as “What can I do to improve? How can I not make the same mistakes next time?”. You are stronger than you think. I believe in you. This community believes in you. Don’t give up. If you want to vent more, this forum is still open. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.