Who can relate?

I just wonder who else is dealing with day to day suicidal ideation? I am the only person I know that is currently struggling with suicidal depression.

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First off, welcome to the community! You came to the right place.

A lot of us have struggled or are currently struggling with suicidal ideation. You are not alone here, and I bet you’re not alone in your life either, you just may not realize it because people paint smiles on their faces to go about their days.

Hold fast, friend. We’re here for you.

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Hey @Whocares

You are not the only one struggling with day to day suicidal ideation, as @SheetMetalHead said a lot of people are ashamed to admit the truth about what is truly going on. But those that speak up about it are strong and courageous individuals since they are looking for advice and guidance.

Keep posting about what is going and welcome to the community.


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