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Who frickin cares

Every day I wake up I wish I was dead


that’s terrible but i under stand how you feel. i feel no reason to live, but everybody deserves to feel worthy. possible ways to feel better about yourself is write or tell yourself all the things that you love about yourself. find hobbies, anything that you love about yourself counts. you matter. you deserve to live. people care.

We are here for you.

Hey @Summer,

It’s been a moment since you posted this, but I hope you’re safe and okay now.

You may not be surrounded by people in your life who’d make you feel loved and cared for.
But know that we care about you here. You deserve to feel joy, happiness and to live a fulfilling life. You deserve to be treated well. To loved and to be loved.

Let us know how you’re doing, if that’s okay for you. :heart:

Sending love your way.