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Who loves heart support?



This is so awesome! Love it so much!
This should be posted on the Instagram!


Dude @DieselKnievel, this is freaking awesome. I’m getting a ‘Hold Fast’ tattoo on Monday, and now I’m just more stoked. Thank you for sharing!


Heck yeah! This is awesome! I want some sort of tattoo related to HeartSupport someday. But I can’t decide what I want yet! Thanks for sharing!


I did, here is the link for it.


love it!! im considering getting one on my wrist :slight_smile:


You should do it because it’s a great cause.

  • it’s a good conversation starter


I am not ready to say I love anything until I find out what love really is. But I respect and appreciate, and from that try to help where I can, which is a big step in the right direction for someone like me. :slight_smile:


I love it @DieselKnievel! I’ve been considering adding to my tattoo collection with this symbol too. :slight_smile:


That is really cool!


gosh, now I want a heartsupport tattoo…