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Who to trust

Looking back in my past there a lot so called friends that lie to me, use me and mind control me. One friends name gino, would say don’t trust that person they are using you. While that same person would asking for rides and would tell someone to spit on my food. This an example, that deal with a lot people whatever it co- workers, band mates and even family members. Cause my poor social skills, I don’t have the best judgement. Always being situations where they act know what best me and always try to control me. One other guy would always talk shit about my band, saying that they are using me. In someway he was right, however he try convince to join band, so that he can use for his need. So always two people that trying use me, for thier need.

I know this sound confusing and I’m not wording it right. To honest really have true friend. Also, really when I have friend that try advice, cause they know what best for me. Like what job I need to do, money issue and anything. It just I get sick of being someone door mate or someone project when they need to lecture someone.

All I want from those people is to leave me alone and let me live my life.


It gets hard sometimes trying to decipher between true friends and people that just want to take advantage, use, or control you. Try to keep true to yourself, if you feel as though someone doesn’t have your best interests in mind when giving advice, take a minute to assess the situation. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, especially by the ones we call friends.

Hey @Metalskater1990

We have responded to your post live here. Hold fast friend, and lean on our community.

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